Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Winner in The Dalauppror paint your egg challenge:)

Congratulation to Paul at Paul´s Bods that are the winner of the 1st "Dalauppror annually? paint your egg challenge" with he´s amazing Medieval Egg House:)

Congratulations Paul !

Rarely written about, these egg houses, built using eggs from the giant Gon-Gon-awey bird of the Blackforest, were a cheap and practical way of getting a roof over your head without having to shell out a large amount of money, in fact..they were very cheep. Apparently the fashion went as they weren´t all they were cracked up to be.
Here, a lokal Yolkel can be seen re-positioning his Egg house after moving a heavy cupboard away from the center of gravity.

1st and only prize are a copy of the book "Medieval Manner of Dress, Documents, Images and Surviving Examples of Northern Europe, Emphasizing Gotland in the Baltic Sea"

Author: Else Marie Gutarp 109 pages Hardback

The English version of a very fine Swedish book produced by Gotlands Fornsal. Contains 68 b/w photos and sketches, and 24 photos in colour. Includes diagrammed Cutting Patterns.

List of Contents:
- Medieval Dress Practices
- Accessories
- Materials and Techniques
- Surviving Clothing from Scandinavia
- Clothing represented in Gotland´s Medieval Church Art
- Church, Monastery and Pilgrims
- Literature
- Sources of Illustrations
- Diagrammed Cutting Patterns


  1. Congratulations to Paul on an epic piece!

  2. Hurray!! I don´t think I´ve won anything for painting since Junior school!! :-D Thanks a million..it was great fun..next year it can be bigger :-D

  3. Paul, that's a lie! Remember FIGZ last year ;-)

    Congrats with the win mate. Very original contribution!


  4. Paul, congratulations, and for me you are always a winner ;-)

    ...and you did win several duels, and yes FIGZ 2011...
    Getting old forgeting al those victories ;-)

    @Dalauppror: nice idea this is!!

  5. Great prize for a great entry.

  6. Congratulations, Paul. The book is really nice and very interesting.

    Best regards.