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200K and Dux Suecia Campaign AAR #5

200 000 pages views for my blog sins I started it back in april 2010, I´m realy glad thet my beloved hobby can have such a interest. Thanks also to you 331 that choosen to follow my blog, without you I would never reached the 200K mark :)

So to celebrate I have at last finished the AAR for my and Jonas 5th Dux Suecia Campaign game ( i.e. migrating the TFL Dux Britanniarum to 15th century Sweden and the Kalmar Union War.) that we actually played some month ago, I hope yu enjoy the pictures and read.

In early december 1466 we had a big union forage party that was out to get their hands on the christmas food, and in the process of gettin g the food they also managed to rout a big rebell force that was on the march for Västerås to lift the Union seige...

Now there is early march 1467 and the castle of Västerås are still under siege and the crew wont last fot to many days...but there is a relife force on therie way from Dalarna...

As we newer tried a "battle" usin the Dux Britanniarum rules we decided to run one there the relife force will meet the seige force in the open field...maybe not an open field but in battle at least:)


Swedish rebells forces (Commanded by Jonas) Influence: 4 (Need to get 5 before he by the Allmoge will be elected Hövitsman/High Leader of the rebellion)

Comander Nils Bosson Sture of the House of Natt och Dag
4 units of 6 Allmoge each

Leader Sten Gustavsson of the House of Sture
2 units of 6 Hardened Allmoge each

Leader Ivar Axelsson from the House of Tott (That more or less just have turned side from pro union to rebell)
1 unit of 4 Frälse

1 unit of  4 Handgunners/Skirmishers

Union forces (Commanded by me) Influence: 1

Comander Marsk Erik Nilsson of the House of Oxenstierna (Cousin to the Archbishop)
2 units of 4 Frälse each

Leader Erik Karlsson from the House of Vasa (Brother in law to Erik Nilsson)
2 units of 6 Fotknektar each

Leader Trotte Karlsson of the House of Eka
1 unit of 4 Skyttar
1 unit of Light Artillery

1 unit of 4 Handgunners/Skirmishers

As this was a Battle we was allowed to use our influence to rally nwe troops for our couse, The Swedish Rebells managed to get one more unit of Allmoge, big surprise...  The Union side got a Light Artillery piece as reinforcements.

As the Castle of Västerås was in the rebells hands they had the option to deploy one unit in the Castle to be able to lower the drawbridge and make an attack...

But they chose not to...suppouse the big bombard sitting just outside the main gate got them think twice...cowards;)

One last thing was the pre battle activitys that was possible to performe the Union Commander Nils Bosson Sture of the House of Natt och Dag held a speache for his troops that will be remembered for a long time and raised the force morale...

The Union force held service but to no vain as the Archbishop didn´t seem to have the priority line to the man upstairs that he have claimed to have...

Now the battle could begin...

Along the mudy town road the Swedish smal group of Knights advanced in a hurry...

The union responce was to send some Crossbow armed knecht to take care of them...

The rest of the Union forces started to cross Svartån (Blackstream) on the parts that still had ice that held, it was a risky buissnes that could end in disaster...

The Swedish rebells advanced slowely acriss the mydy fields, no hurry as they hope that part of the Union forces would end up in the icy water...

The Swedish rebells was supported by the banners of Saint Olov and Saint Erik...

The knecht managed only to get away one uneffective crossbow volly before the Knights charged...

For a second it looked like the Knecht was going to evade...but instead they counter charged !!!

The Foot Knecht was some what hesitant about crossing the ice, the Knights decided to lead by example...

It was almost a several of the horses slip on the ice and some even ended up in the whater...

As if that was not enought... the rebells advanced within shooting distance and opened fire with their crossbows...

The union Knecht got a real beating by the Rebell Knights...the way to the Union camp was open...

genneral advance by the Swedish Allmoge. The Rebell commanders had managed to gather so many of them that they didn´t all even got a chanse to shoot...

The Rebles left flank was protected by some German mersenary handgunners.

The Rebles left flank was protected by some German mersenary handgunners.

The Union Knights was still struggle to get across the ice, but the Rebell commander did not seize the moment... So the first group of Union Knights managed to form a battle line in order and Charge !

The Knights charged the right part of the Rebel line, they did some damage but got a real beating them selfs to...

Ispired? by the Knights the Union mercenary Foot Knecht started to cross the ice...

The Union Knights managed to get a part of the Rebell line to crumble but was to exhausted to follow up their victory...

Instead they got to taste the accurasy of the Allmoges crossbow fire...

By the bridge the Union commander had sent forward some handgunners to try to stop the rebell knights...

Half way through the battle the Union forces are very divided all around the battle field and both sides of Svartån.

The Union Comander Marsk Erik Nilsson of the House of Oxenstierna that had been leadeing the glorious charge by the first group of knight that managed to cross the ice now had to retreat, and as he was crossing back over the ice it all broke under him and his horse and they ended up in the Ice coald water...

Handgunners in a struggle with Knights...

Apperently the Light artillery made a big difference in the skirmishers fight with the Knights...

But they started to shoot to late, and the Rebell Knights rode in to the Union camp...

The Union Knecht under command of Erik Karlsson from the House of Vasa tried to turn the tide, but in no vain...

The Swedish rebell Knights plunder the Union Camp...

The seige of Västerås castle was lift, Marsk Erik Nilsson of the House of Oxenstierna  managed to get up of the vater and fled towards Stockholm with his remaining force it would take them 3 month to replase all losses.

The Swedish rebell Comander Nils Bosson Sture of the House of Natt och Dag and his followers feasted for three days to celebrate this greate victory. They to had taken their losses but they would be on the march to Stockholm within a month.

One again a very nice game of Dux britanniarum/Dux Suecia. This was the first battle we played and it was a very nice break in all the raids. I hope that we will get the time to continue the campaign during the autum and also get a chanse to field the minis I painted sins the game was played.


  1. Amazing looking game .I think the ice on the river is a fantastic idea too.Inspirational work!

  2. Great batrap and a fantastic set up Michael.
    Well done!

  3. What a wonderful achievement Michael very many congratulations and what better way to celebrate.

  4. Congrats on the hits and the great batrep as well Michael.

  5. Congrats on hits and what a great looking game!


  6. Great game. Love how you represented the ice flows. Did you use any special rules for crossing the ice to cause some cavalry to fall in.

    1. Thanks Chris !

      We just rolled for the regular dissmount roll for cavalry in badgoing, simple as that.

      Best regards Michael

  7. Great AAR as usual Michael!

    This was yet another very entertaining game in our campaign. It was fun to try a "real" battle instead of a raid – it had a slightly different feel, as it should be.

    And, of course, it's always nice to win ... ;)

    On to Stockholm then!

    1. Indeed a good Game Jonas!

      Im sure the union forces will try to stop the rebells at "Stäket", water crossing and the Bishops personal Castle:)

  8. Congratulations on the 200K they are well deserved. That is a very nice report with some great pictures thanks for sharing

  9. A terrific game, and congrats on the milestone!

    Cheers, Simon

  10. Congratulations of the 200k mark and a stunning game to boot

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  12. Oh, I totally forgot: Congratulations on the 200k hits! A well deserved success for sure.

  13. Congrats, well deserved bit of attention from the hobby community!
    And thanks for another AAR, I read them with great interest.

    Cheers, SG

  14. Me as well. Great achievement on the 200k.

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    Peace James

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  17. Congrats on the 200K Michael! Game looks fantastic too!

  18. Great AAR and wonderful pictures of miniatures and terrain!

  19. Thanks mateys !!!

    Please keep visiting and we soon will make the 300K mark;)

    Best regards Michael

  20. Congrats on the 200k. Really great looking game. I like how you made the broken ice chunks in the water.

  21. Love your work Michael.An extra plus that you chose to play swedish history.