Saturday, July 13, 2013

Novgorod vs. Swedish Crusaders Lion Rampant AAR

I and Jonas have had a game of Lion Rampant lately. Jonas have painted a Host of Novgorodians, realy stunning paint work, you can have a closer look at his blog "A Conflict of Interests"

Here come a short AAR from the game. The Swedish Crusaders have been out colecting "Tax" from Baltic people and are on their way home when the Pagans from Novgorod catch up with them and attack...


Novgorodian Host
2x6 Mounted Retinue
2x12 Foot yeomen with mixed in Archers and Crossbowmen.
1x6 Skirmish Archers

Swedish Crusader Hoast
1x6 Mounted Retinue
1x6 Mounted Serjents
3x12 Foot yeomen with javelins (Ledung)
1x6 Skirmish Archers
3x Sledges to protect

The Crusaders had to cross the small river to be safe. To proteckt the sledges the Crusader commander sent out the Ledung soldiers as a screan to cut of the Novgorodians and delay them so the Sledges could be brought to saftey...

Novgorodian skirmishers was sen ahead of the main host, startin to snipe at the poor Swedish Ledung soldiers, long away from home in a cold and hostile contry...poor men...

The Novgorodian skirmishers started to take a toll of the Crusaders, that didnt manage to chase them away... The Sledges was sent forward the river with just the Crusader Skirmishers as an escort...and they was hired balts...

The Novgorodians sent some of their mounted men around the right flank to attack the Crusader column in the rear...

Cunningly the Novgorodians sent a unit of City Militia through the frozen march to help the Skirmishers to cut of the escape rout...

The Sledges slowley slow...treason?

The pagan skirmisher in conjunction with some Novgorodian City Militia managed to eliminate a group of Ledung soldiers by a hail of arrows...

Swift movement through the frozen march...

Swedish Ledung soldiers seek out the Novgorodian City Milita, but they don´t want to stay and fight...

The Novgorodians ignore the Crusaders invite to fight it out and try to get hold of the valuable Sledges instead..

The Sledges get caught up just as they start to cross the river to saftey... the escort run to the forest...probably paid to do so by the Novgorodians...

More Novgorodians run to get to the sledges and deffend them...

Let´s take back whats ours...

While the Novgorodian City Militia managed to stop the Sledges the Nobles from both sides fought it out on the frozen plain...but that is a nother story that our Historian did not see as he was ocupied to run for saftey...but afterward he was sure that he could see the Bishop ride straight at the enemy hoard accompanied with two golden angels... Prais the lord and the New saint in his service...

The Novgorodian cronicles dosen´t even mention the encounter... ;)

It was a realy fun game and was fairly quick. The Knights are still very good but not invincible. The shooting have got more leathal, but it can be that we just shoot at the units with less armour...


  1. Perfection! Spectacular warbands for both sides, both with lovely winter basing. Your winter terrain is ice-ing on the cake!

  2. It's, once again, a great pleasure to look at such beautiful pictures! Splendid figures on a fantastic terrain...

  3. Great read, great pictures Michael, nice one!

  4. Damn! Looks like you had a great game. Some stunning painted figures on a lovely set up table.

  5. Terrain, figures and photo's all superb Michael.

  6. Looks fantastic Michael. Great report too.

  7. As always great looking board and super report!


  8. Oh my goodness Michael, one of the nicest looking boards I've seen in a while!

  9. Really fantastic, Michael. I really enjoyed looking through the report and the wonderful photos! Terrific stuff.

  10. Another fantastic game, Michael. I really like your figures, ando LOVE your fantastic terrain; it is not complez, but it is perfect!

  11. A fun looking battle. You and Jonas really know how to put on a wonderful game with great looking miniatures.

  12. Thanks for a fantastic write up Michael! It was a really fun game, the crusaders' sledges very nearly made it to safety but the Novgorodians proved to be both sneaky and hard-hitting.

    I was afraid I had held off my units too long, staying mostly out of the crusaders' way and instead picking them off by shooting. But in the end I think was the right decision.

    The beefed up shooting was quite effective, and the mixed units of city militia worked great.

    On the right flank the mounted Druzhina mercilessly ran down the Swedish cavalry, although to be honest they took some heavy casualties in doing so. Still, no wonder Michael left out that part in his story ... ;)

    Hopefully we'll get another game going soon!

  13. wow ! Glad that you seems to realy like the AAR !

    As Jonas mentioned I unfortunally didn´t get any good pictures of the Knights fight, suppouse I was to chocked to focus right...

    I hope you all will have a nice week !

    Best regards Michael

  14. Just beautiful.
    My sympathies were with the Novgorodaans.
    what an awesome gaming table set up you have :)