Monday, July 22, 2013

A Very Moderate Swedish Conflict AAR #3

Last monday I and Björn had one more try out of some rules for our A Very Moderate Swedish Conflict club project. This time it was a set that I had put together by using the best parts of Muskets & Tomahawk, Triumph & Tragedy, Mud and Blood and of course some of my own ideeas.

The gaming area was 120x120cm and we used 400 points forces, the points are not totaly set, but a 200 point force would be a good start for each player.

The Scenario I set-up was ofcourse a 3rd part of the ones we already played, with the same main characters, like a mini campaign:) This time the Red´s had escaped with the captured White Tank and was hiding in the Swedish contryside just out side the village Surahammar.

The Red sits in their camp discussing their next move when the White force suddenly stumble in through several roads, a devious plan to cut of all escape routs or just pure luck?

OOB - White

Swedish Army
Leader Second Lieutenant Sthål

2x6 Swedish Regulars Squads with Experience Level: Trained and Morale Level: Confident, one of the groups had a Automatic Rifle as support weapon.

1x3 Mortar Squad with Experience Level: Trained and Morale Level: Confident and of course a 60mm mortar.

1x6 Landsstorm Squad (Militia) with Experience Level: Green and Morale Level: Poor

Huddinge Frikår (Militia Freikorp from Huddinge outside Stockholm)
Leader Landsfiskal Sixten P Hydén (Landsfiskal would probably translate in to Police chief in a rural area.)

2x7 Freikorp militia with Experience Level: Green and Morale Level: Confident, one of the groups had a Automatic Rifle as support weapon.

1x Armoured Car with Experience Level: Green and Morale Level: Confident, and a HMG.

OOB - Red

Young Eagles (Socialist Youth Movement)

Young Eagles Leader Elrand Tagesson.

1x8 Young Eagles with Experience Level: Green and Morale Level: Good and a Aggressive attitude;)

1x Strv m/21 (Tank) with Experience Level: Green and Morale Level: Good and a HMG.

Fagersta Röda garde (Communist Worker Militia from the industrial town Fagersta)

Red Baroness (Communist leader) accompany by Commissary Kurt.

1x8 Communist Worker Militia with Experience Level: Green and Morale Level: Good.

"Gruvettan" (Socialist Mining Union Militia)

"Gruvettan" Union Leader Engelbrekt Engelbrektson

1x6 Miners Militia with Experience Level: Trained and Morale Level: Confident and loads of Dynamite.

The Reds won´t give up without a putting up a real fight and starts to move out of camp to meet the enemy..

The Miners rush across the stream behind the camp to set up an Ambush in a grove for the Advancing Freikorps.

Huddinge Freikorps advance like sitting ducks in the open along the contry side road... but what to expect from the City boys...

The White Army boys seem to know how to use the terrain for protection, but they did deploy the small Mortar Squad ON the road...

In the Red´s camp the Young Eagles Leader Tagesson have huge problem to get his young warriosr to leave camp...seem like hi haven´t provided the candy he promised...

Genial Swedish Contryside...just the cows missing...

The White Soldiers seeking cover by the stream...

At last Erlandsson manages to at least get the Tank up and going, but them the eager Fagersta Röda Garde run in the way...

Fagersta Röda Garde get caught in a deadly crossfire from the White Soldiers on the other side of the stream and the Armoured Car...

The Brave Worker Milita from fagersta falls to the deadly fire from the Whites and to the deadly persuason attempts by Commissary Kurt to get them continue their advance against the White enemy...

The White Soldiers have proven to be able to handle the Fagersta Red Guards with ease...Now they just have to cross the stream to be able to recapture the tank...

With the Red Guards out of action and the Young Eagles still in the camp it looked like the Whites would have an easy day...

Meanwhile the Huddinge Freikorps have discovered that it is more safe to advande throught the contry side even if you have to try to avoide the cow dung that was placed like mines, must be an evil trick by the Red´s...

The Huddinge Freikorps Armoured car continued their advance along the road and gor some fina targets presented as the Fagersta Red Guards run across by the bridge...

Young Eagles wasn´t impressed by their leaders promisses, they wanted their candy NOW! or they wouldent fight...

At least the Tank advanced and put up a fight to cover the Red´s left flank...

As the tank was out of Infantry support and there was no other Red troops on the left flank the Whites could concentrate their fire against it, and they even managed to drop some mortar rounds on it...forcing the tank to withdraw some...

The Mortar bombard was apperently what made the Young Eagles to  realize that their would be no candy at all if they didn´t win the day first... They started to advans to the bridge...

The Red´s left flank was hard pressed by 3 Squads of army soldiers with mortar Support...

General advance by the White Soldiers that now had crossed the stream and started to move through the field...

On the Red´s right flank the Miners had sprung their Ambush, but they coulden´t get close enought to get good use of their dynamite as they wished, so it all turned in to a gunfight there the Miners was heavely outgunned...

The Young Eagles had reached the bridge just as they was caught in a heavy Mortar Bombardment...

With a whiped out Red Guard, a depleted Miners squad a damaged AFV and the Young Eagles on the run the Red´s had a tought day... and the moral was very could say non existing...the tank was abandoned and the Red´s run for the forest...

This was a veru fun game even if I lost it, the rules needs some more work, but I think we can have something that will work at our club when we play 6-10 player games, but that we will not know untill we test them with that many splayers during the late summer I hope.  I will work on with the rules during the summer or at least as long as the inspiration last;)


  1. More tasty AAR! Now I really want to convert some 15mm figures into Interwar Swedes!

  2. No. no. no the Reds lost, I cant believe it, well I can, better luck next time. Great Batrep and lovely figures

  3. Looks like it was a very fun game! Even though it seems we had some traitorous elements on the Red side ... ;)

  4. Excellent report and wonderful photos Michael. Really impressive terrain!

  5. Another brilliant report, beautiful battlefield and figures!

  6. A good day for the whites, good bloody batrep Michael!

  7. Once again a very lovely board and report!


  8. Another good report. It sounds like your rules are coming together.

  9. I just love this Michael, it just looks and sounds so wonderfully original.

    1. Thanks Michael !

      I realy hope it's original, as mist of My swedish Orientented projects.

      Best regards michael

  10. A great AAR again! I really love the quality of your pictures. Eyecandy one after another time.

  11. Very good write up as always. What rules are you using again?

    1. Thanks!

      Suppouse it can be a bit confusing about the rules, we used different set each time... This time a set that i put together My self using the best parts of M&T, t&t, M&b and My own ideeas. It turned out well and we Will run them some more,
      Best regards Michael

    2. Pretty cool. If they keep on working out for you. Maybe post em up.

  12. Great report and painted figures! Thanks for sharing!


  13. A wonderful collection of figures, vehicles and terrain Michael.
    Taking the best bits out of different rule sets and using what works for you, is the way to go.

  14. Fantastic collection of figures and a great looking terrain too.
    best wishes

  15. Thanks mateys !!! More Will follow:)

    Best regards Michel

  16. I'd definately be intesested in getting a copy of your rules combination, even if they're not fully done. I've play all 3 T&T, M&T & M&B, & as you, like a bit of each. & we frequently have trouble in our club with trying to turn a 2-person game into a 6+ player game so everyone can play. So it sounds like your efforts may be exactly what we're looking for.

    TMP: Black Cavalier