Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Germen mercenarys in Danish service #2

Here are the first pictures of my newly glued German Mercenarys in Danish service for my Kalmar Union War project.

As far as I have found information the danes hired individuals, groups and the accational company and ofcourse artillery/seige experts of German mercenarys. The infantry was probably mixed up with the Danish infantry provided by the Danish Nobles, as the mercenary knights was mixed up with the Danish Knights.

So my units will have a mix of old and new equipment/clothes in a ragtag look. I hope it will look good in the end...

I built the minis from Perry WotR plastics and old GW plastic bits.

The green bases are just for the painting, they will be re-based in a more proper manner;)

Now I will make a web trip to Stuarts exellent Landsknecht blog to get some tip´s and inspiration of how to paint them...


  1. Good conversion work going on.What a good idea to use some GW arms etc with Perry plastic late 15th Century.An elegant solution-wish i had thought of that :)
    Strangely enough I was using some Perry bits on some 16th century mercenaries I was converting yesterday...
    I really look forward to seeing them painted.
    You could also field them againist an army of Danish pesants too...

  2. Looking good so far - a bit of diveristy in a unit usually looks good in any case

  3. They look great so far Michael, nice work!

    It will be a pleasure to see them running from the battlefield ... ;)

    1. So far it have been the Swedish allmoge that have been running to hide in the forest ;)

  4. They are looking great Michael! Excellent work.

  5. Some good conversions there. Looking forward to seeing the finished unit.


  6. They are looking good; very nice conversions.

  7. Really like your conversions. Looks like this will be one of your highly interesting projects again.

  8. Looking forward to seeing these progress Michael.

  9. Glad for your support mateys !

    My plan are to build 36 of them for a pike/bill unit and 16 crossbowmen.

    Best regards Michael