Friday, October 18, 2013

The burning barn mystery solved...

Greate with all the feedback and guesses regarding the Burning Barn.

As several of you have suggested the reason of the Burning barn are of course a minor misshap by Shopkeeper Sjökvst when he was seting up a new moonshine stil for the Red´s that captured him in one of our lates games...

This explosion was also the starting point for our latest game as it allerted the White forces in the region...more about that later...

Some pictorial evidence about who set the Barn on fire...

You can clearly see the perp fleeing the scene...was it an accident od did hi do it on purpose...

Don´t know if it was smart to park the escape vehicle in the barn...

Shopkeeper Sjökvst and his delivery van...

I thank you all for inovative ideeas and I decided to put the name of all 30 that have replied to my post and make a prize draw of it all, I hope you don´t mind.

So to the result of the prize draw was:

First prize to JP at the Herefordshire 1938 blog are 4 unpainted minis 28mm, interwar Swedish Landsstorm with Tricorne Hats, sponsored by my Friend Björn at Ådalen Miniatures. Pleas make a visit to his blog:)

The prize minis are UNpainted. 
The minis in the picture above are painted by Björn, 
and you can all see how you should paint them...

Second prize to Christopher at the Bunker Hill blog are the book The Devil's Chariots by John Glanfield

By the CAN`T look inside here;)

Congratulation to the winners !

If the winners please send me a mail to with your adress and I´ll send you your prize right away...or at least on monday.

I hope you all will have a realy nice weekend !


  1. Oh that is pretty cool. :)
    Love the picture driven narrative of your campaign.
    Wish I had guess right though, would have loved to have received a few of those swedes of yours.

    1. Thanks !

      You was in the prize draw:) as I put every one in that had commented on my blog post right or wrong guess didn´t matter.

      If you wan´t some I can check if I can get some more from Björn and we can make a switch for som of your 2nd ACW project?

      Have a nice week end best regards Michael

    2. Good idea, I will see if Alex is down for an exchange. Think the minutemen would make great Norwegian paramilitary's. Oh shameless self promotion on my part, but feel free to put an add up for 1933 "A nation Divide" Kick starter.

  2. Oh, Sjökvist that treacherous weasel.

    Good thing Röda nävar had time to sample some of the new batch before he blew up the still. It made them even more full of revolutionary spirit.

  3. Oh wow, I never win anything! Thanks very much! An email is on it's way :D

  4. Very nice prizes. Congratullations to the winners!

  5. Congrats to the winners! And thanks to you, Michael, for an enjoyable "challenge". Exciting narrative, for sure.

    Cheers, SG

  6. Congratulations to the winners! Excellent idea Michael and very genereous of you

  7. Very nice. I was hoping the Boy Scout rocket experiment would pull through.

  8. Thanks for the idea and the gifts !!
    that's very nice !
    It was a pleasure and funny to read all the comments about your post!

  9. What's that, I won something!:-) Thank you very much! I'll send you an e-mail.


  10. All the winners, enjoy. Now, on to the burning question at hand: did Shopkeeper Sjökvst do it accidentally, or is he in the pay of White teetolers? Or Red temperance ladies?

  11. Congrats there to the winners, JP you lucky boy as they are nice figures. Also great barn too

  12. Great effects and terrain Michael.

  13. Fabulous, I love the shot with all the explosions - tremendous stuff. A big congratulations to all the winners too.