Friday, January 2, 2015

Håtunaleken, Lion Rampant, AAR #2

Before christmas me and my club mates had the second session of our Lion Rampant Club campaign "Håtunaleken" (Håtuna-Games) a Swedish Games of Thrones set in the early years of the 14th century.

Last time the Kings Brothers backstabed the King at the election of the King at Mora Stenar (Mora Stones) you can see that AAR here.

It is still 1301 in the middle of the Summer and the King have invited to his wedding with Kristina the Daughet of his Marsk Torgils Knutsson. As tradition was the bride should ride to the weding escorted by her relatives. But it is a long way to ride and much dangers along the road...

Escorting the Marsk daugther did:

House of Tre Rosor (Top right)
1x6 Foot Men-at-Arms* @6pts
1x12 Foot Serjants with Mixed Weapons @6pts

House of Ulvåsa (Bottom right)
1x6 Mounted Men-at-Arms* @6pts
1x12 Foot Serjants @4pts (Escorting the Marsk daughter Kristina)
1x6 Bidowers @2pts

For the Bride Robbers, the Kings two younger brothers, fought the:

House of Bjälbo - Valdemar Magnusson (Top left, deployed in two possitions)
1x6 Mounted Men-at-Arms* @6pts
1x6 Foot Serjants with Mixed Weapons @6pts

House of Algotssönerna (Bottom left) a House known to be Bride Robbers...
1x6 Foot Men-at-Arms* @6pts
1x12 Foot Serjants with Mixed Weapons @6pts

We used Senarion H the Messenger from the Lion Rampant rulebook, but the Bride/Messenger would not be killed but Captured and Abducted. The Bride should be escorted safely across the board, the Bride robbers was allowed to deploy a small flanking force.

Gallant knights in the front of the Bride procession... Might not be the best to escort but fancy a good fight along the road:)

The main part of the Bride Robbers...

AMBUSH !!!  Valdemar had put some Foot Serjants to attack the Bride procession...

The newly back from a Baltic Crusade the Hero Matts Ketillmundsson from the House of Tre Rosor was eager to get in combat with the bride Robbers, teaching them a lesson advancing swift with his Foot Men-at-Arms...

Gudmar and the Gallant Knights was not worried and rested awhile before the combat...

Resting a while more, letting the Foot Serjants escorting the Bride advance ahead of them...

The Tre Rosor Foot Serjants was sent to cover the right flank of the Bride procession...

And the Ulvåsa bidowers was sent to cover the left flank...

Staying at the farm for some food...

Staying to eat for a long time...

While the main part of the Bride procession slowely advanced the Crusader Hero Matts Kettilmundsson from the House of Tre Rosor made a all out assault with his Foot Men-at-Arms...

...They was all smashed by Valdemars Mounte Men-at-Arms...

In the face of the enemy the Foot Serjants escorting the Bride decided to take the rout throught the fields...

While the escorting Knights advanced along the road to engage the Bride Robbers, the Foot Serjants and the Bride started to move through the field...

Clash of the Knights...

Gudmar Magnusson, House of Ulvåsa managed to puchback the Kings rebell brother Valdemar and his Knighs...

Valdemar the sneaky git then chalanged Gudmar on single combat... Valdemar was known to be a big, strong and skilled fighter... this time to, poor Gudmar was thrown out of his saddle and down to the ground...

With their Lord on the ground the escorting Foot Serjants lost their hart completely and abandon the bride in the field leaving for home...

The Bride was just to collect for the Bride Robbers... The Bride Kristina looked with a glimpse of admiration on the gallant Valdemar as he rode forward to here...

Once again a very nice game of Lion Rampant, we just concluded that the escort mission was quite hard to achieve.

We also introduced Leader Skills, each participant made a random roll on the Leader Skill chart in the rule book for their Leaders skill. If any one rolled 12 he was allowed to choose any of the sills in the list, as we think the 12 skill are to good for campaign games.

The Håtunaleken campaign continues...


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