Monday, January 12, 2015

Star Wars - Imperial Assault

My friend Oscar haven´t only got a new Death Star lamp from IKEA, but also Fantasy Flight Games latest release, Star Wars - Imperial Assault board game, of course he tries to lure me in to something new byt leting me win my first test game...

I got to play the Light side, getting Luke Skywalker with friends to capture a ship in the Mos eisley space harbour.

But Darth Vader and some goons was there to try to stop them...

It was a really nice game, very smoth rule mechanisme, that I got in to very quick, even my first game.

Darth Vader was a real killer, but with some well placed blaster shoots even hi was put down and I managed to win my first scenario :)

All minis we used was ofcourse painte to an excellent standard by my matey Oscar. If you get the box they will be unpainted as below, but you get very much stuff in the box...


  1. It sounds very interesting. Sadly, there are no good miniatures to play wargames based in Star War!!!

  2. Sounds great, I may yet be tempted.

  3. Still reading the rules of my copy. Figures look great.

  4. Looks like an interesting game! I've been a bit tempted by this as X-Wing was one of the best gaming releases in the last years in my opinion :) Can't go wrong with more Star Wars

  5. Looks fun, my LGS has them, but I'm fasting ;-)