Thursday, January 29, 2015

Håtunaleken, Lion Rampant, AAR #3

Here comes some pictures from the 3rd game in our club project "Håtunaleken", Håtuna-games a Swedish Games of Throne:)

As you might remember from our last game King Birgers Bride, Kristina the Daughet of the Marsk Torgils Knutsson, was obducted by the Kings younger brother Valdemar.

But it seems like the Bride robbery was conjunctional as the chield hod friends Kristina and Valdemar was in love and had decided to get married without permission...

King Birger got furious as he heard about his brothers betrayal and sent Knight Gudmar Magnusson from the House of Ulvåsa and Knight Jöns Bengtsson from the House of Oxenstierna to crash the wedding...

We used the Scenario L: Bloodfued, but Valdemar would be caprured not killed.

Wedding crashers was:

Gudmar Magnusson from the House of Ulvåsa (Bottom right)
3 Foot yeomen with Mixed weapons @ 5 points each

Jöns Bengtsson from the House of Oxenstierna (Bottom left)
1 Mounted Men-at-Arms @ 6 points
1 Foot Men-at-Arms @ 6 points
1 Foot Serjants @ 4 points

Wedding guests was:

Valdemar Magnusson from the House of Bjälbo (Top left)
1 Mounted Men-at-Arms @ 6 points
1 Foot Serjants @ 4 points
1 Crossbowmen @ 4 points

Anders Stigsen from the House of Hvide (Top right)
1 Mounted Men-at-Arms @ 6 points
1 Mounted Crossbow @ 4 points
1 Foot Serjants @ 4 points
1 Bidowers@ 2 points

Wedding quests ruches to their horses to engage the crashers...

and off they go...

Hvide sent his mounted crossbows on a flanking move...

The Oxenstierna retinue passes a oxwaggon...

General advance for all participants, even the hotblooded Valdemar that shouldent be harmed...

As usual Ulvåsa sent his allmoge through a field...but they still made some advancement...

The Hvide Foot Serjants was quick to deploy a shield wall, almost blocking the way for all the advancing Knights...

The Allmoge had reached the fence and got good cover to start shooting from on the advancing enemys...

Oxenstierna Knights have spotted the Bjälbo Foot Serjants...


Enemy approaching...

First close combat was between the Oxenstierna and Bjällbo foot Serjants...

The Knights let the common warriors fight it out befor they will join in...

As the Oxenstierna Foot Serjants retreat the Oxenstierna Knights charge in, slaying the poor Bjälbo Foot Serjants, but at a cost for the Knights...

Weakend by the combat with the Foot Serjants it was now the Oxenstierna Knights time to get a beating as Valdemar and his Bjölbo Knights charged in...

As usual Valdemar are a victorious man... no one even dared to engage him in single combat... the man start to get a rep.

As the Oxenstierna mounted men-at-arms was slain their foot counterpart tried to deal with Valdemar and his bodyguard...

But things got worse for the Oxenstierna foot men-at-arms as also the Hvide mounted men-at-arms charged home...

Most of the wedding chrachers elite troops was out of bussiness, just leaving the heroic allmoge to settle the score...

The Hvide mounted men-at-arms also finnish of the last of the Oxenstierna Hoast

With just the allmoge left the wedding crashers had to retreat and get ready for the evenings wedding party instead...

Exellent game once again:) As w just were 4 players it was some what faster when the last one, but indeed as fun. More to come from the Håtuna games project.

Belor the Glory collected so far, and now we have 12 participants eventhought all havent had their first game yet.

Also pleasetake a look at Jonas pictures and AAR from the same game, might be another angle as he commanded the House of Hvide...


  1. I always enjoy your AAR's. One can almost feel the tension when your forces clash on the tabletop.

  2. Thanks for a great game Michael.

    And great to start with a wedding party... ;P

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    I like !

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    love the painting, scenery and the vignettes!!


  11. Magnificent work.
    A spectacular battle scenes
    The houses and yard, field, fences deserves also special mention

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