Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Håtunaleken, Lion Rampant, AAR #4

I was invited home to my matey Jonas for a small game of Lion Rampant in our Håtunaleken club project.

As Jonas just started to paint for his Retinue we decided to use half strenth units i.e. 3 and 6 minis, but we did not change any other rules.

As the Knight and Judge Gudmar Magnusson from House of Ulvåsa had been in the lead of the last 3 defeats of the Kings forces, the King Birger Magnusson from House of Bjälbo had started to suspect treason...

The King and his men moved forward the estates of House Ulvåsa, that meet with rallied Allmoge with arms in hand and the argument ended in bloodshed...


The King´s retinue (Top)
2 Mounted Men-at-Arms @ 6 points each
2 Foot Serjants(one with the King) @ 4 points each
2 Bidowers @ 2 points each

House of Ulvåsa retinue (Bottom)
4 Foot Yeomen with Mixed Weapons (one with Judge Gudmar) @ 5 points each
2 Bidowers 2 points each

General advance, the allmoge from House Ulvåsa uses the fenced fields as cover,..

Judge Gudmar plan to use his Allmoges advantage in missile shooting against the advancing kings men to end the discussion and teach him a bit of the law...

Allmoge and skirmishers await the enemy

The King advance at foot and let the mounted Knight to ruch forward to end the rebellion...

The Allmoge most cunningly advance in to the bad going of the fenced fields...

Eager as only knights can be they make a headless charge in to the muddy fields, much to the advantage for the Allmoge....

Eaven in rought going Knights are tought to crack...

As the Kings Knight was fighting the mud the King Birger himself was in the lead of a charge against some helpless Allmoge soldiers...

The King was furious with battle frenzy and wield his grandfathers daneax like harvesting crops...

Both the Allmoge and as it seemed the Kings men was frighten in retreat by the Kings anger...

The Kings Knights hade regrouped and chrged once again...this time the Bidowers recieved the muddy charge...

Evidently even Bidowers can put up a good fight with Knights in bad going even if it this time costed their life to... But they will be remembered as Heros...

Judge Gudmar had untill now lurked around in the back behind his stoic allmoge, slowely he advanced against the King and his depleted unit...

To save their King some Foot Serjants decided to intervene...

Forceing Judge Gudmar back...

At that moment the Kings second unit of Knights charged in... giving the King the time needed to retreat...

As the King left the battlefield Judge Gudmar smell victory...at least for a glimps of a second before he was charged down by the Kings remaining Knights...

Fierce fighting...

The Kings Knigths was to many and hard hitting... Judge Gudmar fell and sprain his ankle wich forced him to yield and was imprisoned by the King.

Really nice game, even if I lost, all hail the King ! 

The rules worked fine with half sized units, more death than morale. The only rule that we adjusted during play was that you only needed 3 men to form a Schiltorn. 

Last nigth we also played one more game in the Håtunaleken club project at the club, arr from that session on Thursday I hope.


  1. Looks like another cracking game Michael.
    But isn´t that the previus campaign board ?

    1. Thanks Jonas!

      Its the same board as i added both games at the same time, sorry for confusing you;)

  2. Got to rain in those corrupt officials.

  3. Love those Allemoge and the variety in the unit. Looking forward to the next AAR.

  4. Excellent stuff as usual Michael.

    I like your style of communication- keeps one reading!


  5. Well done once again. Love the layouts you guys throw together. Really adds to the battle.

  6. Looks great and great reading:) Are those pigs on the field in pic 11?

  7. Cool looking game with lovely figures and terrain. What I especially enjoyed is seeing the half-size units; the game still looks marvelous. I may try to have the locals here try it out.

  8. Your reports always look great, and read really well too.
    keep it up


  9. A very handsome collection Jonas is building there - glad to see you guys found an opportunity for a game!

  10. Thank you very much all !!!

    Yes pigs, from gripping beast.

  11. i am sorry you lost the game but it still looks like a fun game Michael.

  12. Another great battle report. Great idea on the smaller unit sizes. cheers

  13. Thanks for the excellent report Michael, and thanks for stopping by for a quick game – perfect for a busy parent like me.

    I have a weak spot for Swedish allmoge with mixed weapons, since they've served me so well in the Kalmar Union War campaign, and these new ones of yours are particularly nice. Very inspiring for my own allmoge units!

    1. Indeed nice to have a game Jonas.

      Looking forward to your allmoge :)

  14. Great report and great looking game Michael!

  15. Looks really great Michael! Your tables are always so well presented. Who makes the great-looking pigs, please?

    1. http://www.grippingbeast.com/product.php?ItemID=288

  16. Fantastic game and great AAR. Really nice!


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