Sunday, February 1, 2015

WW2 US Airborne Platoon for sale

I hope some one of you are interested in buying my 28mm WW2 US Airborne Platoon with support, perfect for Chain of Command or Bolt Action.

The minis are from Artizan Designs and the Sherman tank are from West Wind Production.

Included are
2 x MMG with 2 crew
2 x Bazooka team with 2 crew
1 x 60mm Mortar with 2 crew
5 x BAR gunners
4 x M1 Carbine
8 x Thompson SMG
20 x M1 Garand Rifle
1 x Sherman tank with tank commander

In total 47 minis and a Tank

Price asked for are £235 including postage to Europe, I can sel world wide but that will increase the postage with £15 (The minis and the tank would cost you around £90 to order unpainted from the manufactures) PayPal only.

If you are interested please send me a mail at


  1. Really well done my friend. I'll repost :)

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  3. Thats a fine looking airborne platoon.... hope you get them sold mate!

  4. Good luck with the sale Michael! That is a great looking force!

  5. Great looking bunch Michael, I hope you'll get a nice offer.

  6. Very nice looking troops Michael I'm sure you will sell the,