Thursday, September 3, 2015

FireForge Arab Armoured Archers

I got my hands on some pictures of upcomming minis from FireForge games. Arab Armoured Archers for the Crusades that in the pictures are about 99% done and hopefully they will be released by the end of this month I have been told.

They look really good to me, but sins i´m not in to the Holy land crusades it start my mind to work on the posibillity to use them for Novgorod/Baltic Crusades... As far as I know, they will only be released as a Resin kit so the kitbaching options with other plastic kit´s are few but with some head swaps and green-stuff use it might work.


  1. Great idea to repurpose them for the Baltic Crusades - pity about the resin though, that doesn't make conversion easy!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. They seem better than their usual fair. Thanks for the heads-up :-)

  3. These look very good – much better than their other minis which I'm not too keen on to be honest.

    With a bit of conversions, I think they would work perfectly for the Baltic Crusades.

  4. Thanks for the heads up, these look like some unique and useful pieces.

  5. Sure could work. :)

    And eventually they seems to want to release Russians, that could interest you.

    "...However, we would let you know that we are yet working on a Russian and a Byzantine range with hard plastic and resin releases..."

  6. They look very good Michael- thanks for posting. Interesting re the Byzantines and Russians, too.

  7. They look excellent. Should be a great addition to Arab armies. cheers


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