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The Pikeman´s Lament AAR #5 - Attack on Redoubt at Ängelholm 1678

Here are a few pictures from one more of our playtest games of The Pikeman´s Lament rules during the Scanian War 1675-1679. This time we run a Attack on Redoubt scenario where the Danes under command of the most efficient Lieutenant Niels Andersen are attacking a Swedish redout outside the town of Ängelholm. The Swedish defenders are ofcourse under command of the not so efficient Second Lieutenant Nils Skytte.

The redoubt are manned by a small detatchment of Dragoons whil the Swedish main line have some reinforcements that might be used to help out to repell the attack. The Danes attack in full force with several groups of well trained and equiped Forlorn hope´s and some Snapphanar in support.

The Danes will get the victory if they manage to over run the Redoupt and can gain a Major victory if they also manage to get troops in to the Swedish main defences. The Swedes win if they manage to repulse the attack.

By the end you also will find a short historical recap to the scenario.

OOB - Danish

Lieutenant Niels Andersen, he are a Hothead and have a hard time with superiors - he have been demoted several times, but his freeshoter company loves that he cares for them and lead from the front and due to his achievements he have now been promoted once again to Lieutenant.
4 Forlorn Hope @ 4 points each
1 Agressive  Forlorn Hope @ 4 points
2 Trotters @ 4 points each
2 Commanded Shot @ 2 points each

OOB - Swedish

Officer: Second Lieutenant Nils Skytte, he are an Officer and a Gentleman in fancy clothes that the ladies really love even if hi is a military misfit...
2 Dragoons @ 4 points each
1 Pike @ 4 points
2 Shot @ 4 points each
1 Field gun @ 6 points

The alarm are raised as the danes are approce in force...

The Swedish Dragoons in the Redoubt see the enemy approach but they are at the moment out of range...

Second Lieutenant Skytte decide that he will as a true Hero advance with his Pike and Shot and engage the enemy by the redoubt... FORWARD !!!

... one of the shot units apperently mis understod the order and started to make a very nice swift retreat... at least the Field gun opened up and started to pour in cannon balls on the advancing Danes...

...the Danes had advanced to the hedge and was prepering to storm the redoupt sending some Skirmishers forward to harass the Swedes...

The Swedish Dragoons in the redoupt opened up on the Skirmishers that started to loose men and started to run back to cover...

Swedish advance...

Danish Trotters follow up the Danish attack on the redoubt, their primary order was to engage the swedish main line... just one problem...a field gun...

As soon as the danes was within range the swedish dragoons started to fire at them...

...but with only two groups of dragoons and at least 6 enemy groups there was to many targets...

The Danes closing in on the redoubt as the Swedish reinforcements start to arrive...

First out to charge was the Agressive Forlorn Hope, made up by angry Allmoge, thir attack dogs and the village priest... all specially trained to hate the Swedes...

...the Agressive Danes even managed to puch back the dragoons and make way in to the redoubt... fortunate for the Swedes Second Lieutenant Skytte and his pike unit had made there way in to the redoubt just in time to hold up the some of the Danes...

...tense fighting in the redoubt...

...Second Lieutenant Skytte heroicly lead his men from the front...

...but in the end the pressure from the Danish elite troops are to much even for the Dalregiment and they rout...

The Swedish dragoons get a moment to reorganize the defence but had a moraly blow when it become clere that Second Lieutenant Skytte had been wounded by the Danes in the rout of his unit...

...with just a few Dragoons left they could not put up much resistance when the Danes made their final assault... 

...several danish units was in to the redoubt, while the Swedish reinforcements was just in place to help out, but it was to late, the redoubt was in Danish hands and the Swedes started to retreat back to their main line... Danish Victory !

Very nice and intense game, the Swedish Field gun covered one side of the redoubt and efficient stoped the Danes, one unit of trotters was whiped out...but the Swedish Pike and shot units didn´t advance fast enought to be able to turn the tide on the other side of the redoubt.

more games fo follow:)

The Historical recap to the scenario
On 27 April 1678, during the Scanian war, Angelholm was burnt by Danish troops. Only the church, the rectory and a few small houses were spared . Most of the Swedish forces, about 130 Horses and dragoons that tried to repulse the attack probably using the two old redoubt, built in 1644 by Gustav Horn, was overthrown and killed. It seems that even the vicar Jacob Noviomagus killed at the time and all the Church documents was also to be lost.


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