Friday, September 25, 2015

Gaslands - A Game of Post-Apocalyptic Vehicular Mayhem Rules

I have signed up for some playtesting of the post-apocalyptic vehicular rules Gasland by Mike that are to be published in 2017 by Osprey as a part of their Wargaming serie.

It all gave me flashbacks to the games of Combat Cars I used to play as a kid and I just had to try it out. We actualy had a run of Combat Cars boardgame some years ago at the club, you can find a AAR at my old blog.

Here are some pictures of my Combat Cars vehicles for the club game, I hope to be able to use them in Gaslands to, just have to find them...


  1. What an extremely cool concept. I can imagine it works really well for a club night game. Love the Rebel muscle car - do you remember what scale these are - I'm going to be on the look look out for a "colt seavers" truck and an A-team van...

    1. Greate if you are on to help out to test the rules, the black muscle car are 1:43 and the pick-up are 1:46

  2. They look brilliant Michael, Osprey certainly seem to be spreading their wings at the moment.

  3. That looks right up my post-apoc street...excellent!

  4. Super cool Michael! I have fond memories of playing Combat Cars and Car Wars in my youth so this is something I'm interested in play testing.