Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Cold War Swedish and Russian

To be able to run some games during the Whiskey on the rocks incident in 1981 i needed some Swedish and Russian troops to fight it out. For the Russians it was the elite of the elite that I wanted to depict, the Spetsnaz and for the Swedes the best we could send in, Kustjägarna (Marines).

My knowledge regarding Russian cold war troops are limited so I went for some generic minis with Russian weapon from the Gripping Beast MoFo range, as well did I decide to use some of their British minis from the same range for the Swedes, not an exact match but close enought for me.

Here you have some pictures of the painted minis.


  1. This is already shaping up to be another fantastic project Michael.

  2. Great...if a little scary...looking bunch!

  3. RYSSEN KOMMER!!! Nice job as usual.

  4. Really nice, I don't have any modern stuff currently but have been thinking about them for a while.

  5. I just came to think about one more thing: Would these rules work for WWII as well?

    1. Black ops would work for ww2, are very generic rules.

  6. Great looking figures Micheal!


  7. Very exciting project and some great figures to play it with. I would also recommend Black Ops.

  8. Mind blowing as always Michael! Didn't expect to see you dabble into moderns one day.


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