Friday, May 13, 2016

Making a Whiskey on the rocks

I thought I should share some pictures of how I built my Whiskey-class submarine for my WSS-83 article. The Russian submarine U-137 got stuck on a rock in a Swedish military zone on the 27 october 1981 an event that turned in to a very tense situation...

It all was solved in a peacefull manner after about 10 days of intense diplomatic comunication and military show-off from both sides. The Article in WSS-83 and the 4 scenarios take a "what if" view of the situation and let the situation escalate in to a small scale fight using the Osprey Black Ops rules. WSS have published one of the 4 scenarios online so you can find it here.

Anyway below you can find some pictures of how i build me my Submarinefor the games, It is absolutely not a scale model but more "inspired by" to be able to play on and also work on the gaming table.

The Whiskey-Class submarines was built form an German WW2 design, the Type-XXI U-boat, so my first aim was to get a plastic-kit to use but as I didn´t find any that worked in scale and cost I desided to build me one.

I wont give step by step instruction, but I hope most are shown in the pictures. The size of the my submarien are about 50cm by 5cm, and I wanted to be able to fit 2 minis on round 25mm bases in the tower. As you can see I also used a bunch of bits from my old 40K bitbox. Ill give you more pictures from our game in a later post.


  1. is that just made from foamcore in layers?? it looks fantastic


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      Thanks !

      Yes it just one piece of foamcore that was 25mm thich that I cut in shape with the hobby knife and some sandpaper to even it out. Pinted it with PVA glue several times so the foam would not melt when I spraypainted it.

      I added a bit of foamcore as a base to build the tower around, the rest of the tower ar just the sturdy back of a note book.

      Best regards Michael

  2. Looks fantastic. I definately think I'm going to have to have a go at making one myself. Excellent stuff. Cheers WW.

  3. That is an impressive model

  4. What a wonderful piece of scratch building Michael - magnificent job, but now I want one!

  5. More like Whiskey Tango Foxtrot - definitely tense moments in that situation.


    Good work as usual. How long did it take to make?

  7. Great work! The level of detail and size is just right for 28mm.

  8. Nice work, but I am horrified that someone would consider adding ice to their dram. Whilst water can enhance the pleasure, ice inhibits the flavour, risking it tasting dull and flat. Of course, if you are faced with a bourbon then that might not be a bad idea ;-)

  9. Thank you very much mateys !

    Realy glad you liked My build:)

  10. Looking good and even better in the flesh.
    There is a bigger harbour being built in my cellar just now that will go to the club as soon as it is finished and it will demand a submarine


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