Thursday, May 5, 2016

Sharp Practice and the Finish war 1808

A couple of days ago I got my copy of Sharp practice 2 from Too Fat Lardies. I have really high expectations of these rules as I very much like the Dux Britanniarum rules.

The production value of the book are exellent,120 pages full colour in a softback book. I also opted for the clasic activation card deck of 40 cards in a nice little card box. All very well presented and layouted with lots of images and rule examples, unfortunate some of the miniature pictures was a bit dull in the colour,

Seems like they have tried to streamline the rules very much, so they will be easy to learn and you will be able to memorize the basics quick. They haven´t even included a QRS, something that I really miss. Even if the rules are easy to remember some tables could have been handy in a QRS, but that might come later as a download.

I will tell more about how I think the rules work when I have had a couple of games under my belt. The setting will me Napoleonic with a focus on a re-start of my Finnish War 1808 project.

I even picked up 2 boxes of Warlords new and exellent looking French Hussars in my Salute haul. I will convert the Frenshies in to Russian Hussars.

I was talking a bit about my intention to convert them in to Russians with Guy, editor at Wargames Soldier and Strategy, that also working on Napoleonic Russians. Seems like he was caught by the ideea as he even posted a tutorial of how to convert the horses in to Russian Hussar horses at the WSS blog, thanks Guy, made my work easier:)


  1. I am reading this ruleset in this moment, and preparing my "El Álamo" figures for it.

  2. Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labour! And to try out SP2, if time permits ...

  3. We have played SP many times in it's original format and found the rules a little "loose" in that rendition. I think SP2 will just tighten all the screws so to speak. It really is a fun game.


  4. Possibly having a trail game with friends in a few weeks time. It will be intereting to compare them the Dan's 'The Men Who Would Be Kings' when they are published.

  5. I have promised Jepa to run a game down at the club. Looks like you might beat me to it.
    As for QRS, these tend to be crowd-sourced once the rules are out and we figure out what is easily memorized and what needs to be referenced.
    There is one up on the forum now:

  6. Keen to hear more about SP2!

  7. This is interesting, before the weekend I ordered the new version of Sharps practice since I have a ton of 15mm F&I and Napoleonic Figures that I plan to use with the rules. I would be happy to contribute to the 1808 project. I will just need some guidance on the figures etc. as I do not know where to get Swedish figures for this period and scale.

    I also have Blood Eagle and I need to paint up so 28mm vikings for this project too.

    Have a good week.

  8. I also need to pick the rules up. I have picked up a few of the Burgade games American war of 1812 range militias to use in the Red Stick war.
    And plane on eventually doing the Chesapeake Campaign and battles up along the Canadian border.

  9. Will you make a review after som trial games? I have looked at this system but I don´t know if I should take the plunge or not.

    Also what size of minis will people use?

    1. You should! I've only played once game and that was a playtest version, but I can promise you it's great fun.
      I assume Dala will do 28mm. I am starting in 6mm just to see how it works out.

  10. Cool. I'm also converting those Hussars into Russians for either 1808-9 Finnish war or 1812 Retreat from Moscow...


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