Saturday, August 20, 2016

Missing Viking Heroes in WSS-85

It seems like 2 of my Viking Heroes got missing in my Draugar article in WSS-85 with senarios for the Blood Eagle rules. It should be 7 of them but only stats for 5 made it to the ship for the printed edition.

The Heroes missing the ship was Jarl Rangnvalds two brothers, so are the stats for them and a bunch of pictures of the 7 viking heroes protecting the King outside his hous against the again-walker hoard of the Draugrdrottin. The scenarios you can find in Wargames Soldier and Strategy Issue-85




  1. Superb, I don't fancy the heroes odds much though.

    Cheers, Ross

  2. Absolutely fantastic work
    These buildings are very stunning,
    and, of course, all painting works also ...

  3. Brilliant in every way! And you know how much I love your linen banners. :-)

  4. Superb! Lovely terrain and figures sir!!


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