Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Gun yawl for the Finnish War 1808 WIP#3

A 3rd update from my scratch build of a Swedish Gun yawl for the Finnish War 1808.

I have continued to add crew and details to the ship. For the Gun crew and Officers I used even more Perry Plastics minis and this time the sprue "B 30 Austrian Napoleonic Infantry Command". The minis look Swedish enought for me.

I just needed new heads for them and for the rowers, to solve that issue I got me some of the Brigade Games "BG-NBR029 Napoleonic British Marine Heads and Command Figures" (possible to order just the heads), to get them Swedish I folded up the brim on the left side of the hat.

The Anchors and Oars are from the The Model Dockyard.

As you can see in the pictures I moved around the gun crew and officer a bit before i got them there I thought they looked best...Just painting left now...


  1. Wow, this just keeps getting better an better Michael.

  2. This is coming out great!!! Keep posting on your progress!

  3. You clever so and so. Amazing!!


  4. That is really looking rather wonderful Michael!

  5. This is too cool! Your ability to kit bash anything is awe inspiring.

  6. This looks amazing Michael! Very well done indeed.

  7. It's much better than anything that I could make.
    Also, "Uh, Captain, sir, please move aside from the gun muzzle!"


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