Monday, November 14, 2016

Transformers Rampant

During the weekend my son David started to build a city and play with his toy Transformers that he got from MacDonalds I think, after a while he asked for to play a game with them and who was I to say no:)

As he is familiar with the Dan Merseys Rampant system we used Dragon rampant as a bas for our Transformers Rampant to fight out a battle between the heroic Autobots and the villainous Decepticons.

All Transformers was single miniature units and to not have to keep track of how many Strength Points they had lost we decided thayt all of them had just 1 but introduced "Recovery" , so in the turn after a Transformer had been taken out he rolled an activation for "Recover" and if succeeded the Transformer was up again and could activate as usual. We also removed the Courage value as we didn´t feel they would flee, but fight untill destroyed.

We used 3 stats lines for the different Transformers, both Autobots and Decepticons used the same. I dont know to much about Transformers so any experts might have to have indulgence with my rules;)

PRIME @ 8 points each
Attack: 5+
Move: 5+
Shoot: 6+
Recovery: 5+
Armour: 5
Attack Value: 3+
Defence Value: 4+
Shoot Value/Range: 5+/18"
Maximum movement: 6"
Strenght Points: 1
Special Rules:
Ranger: This unit uses its normal Attack/Defence/Armour profile when fighting in rough terrain.

SECUNDUS @ 4 points each
Attack: 6+
Move: 5+
Shoot: 6+
Recovery: 6+
Armour: 4
Attack Value: 5+
Defence Value: 4+
Shoot Value/Range: 5+/12"
Maximum movement: 8"
Strenght Points: 1
Special Rules: None

TERTIUM @ 4 points each
Attack: 5+
Move: 6+
Shoot: -
Recovery: 7+
Armour: 3
Attack Value: 4+
Defence Value: 6
Shoot Value/Range: -
Maximum movement: 12"
Strenght Points: 1
Special Rules:
Ranger: This unit uses its normal Attack/Defence/Armour profile when fighting
in rough terrain.

Wild Charge: If the unit is within Attack range of an enemy unit, you must test
to activate an Attack; this is the only order the unit can be given. Wild Charge
may not be used if the unit is Battered.

Fleet Footed: This unit does not halve its movement in rough terrain.

OOB for our game

Autobots (David)
2 x Prime with Mystical Armour @ 10 points each
1 x Secundus, Offensive (AttackValue 4+) @ 6 points

1 x Prime with Fly @ 10 points
2 x Secundus @ 4 points each
2 x Tertium @ 4 points each

Decepticons moving in to town, the Prime to the left, the two green ones are Tertium and the last two are Secundus Transformers.

Our little town center, the three Autobots, Optimus Prime, Green Prime and the Secundus Bumblebee, are hiding on the other side of town

The Decepticons are moving in to town...

Optimus Prime jump up on a skyscraper roof and open fire at the approcing decepticans...

One of the Desepticaons Secundus go down...

Green prime joins Optimus Prine om the roof top, the building start to scatter due to their weight...

Bumblebee also want to join in for the fight and advance in the center of the town...

Decepticaons Prime are flying ower the town searcing for his prey...

...landing on the roof top opposit to Bumblebee...

...Bumble bee charge the Decepticon Prime thinking he can outfight him...

The town are in chaos as the Transformers create hawock, building start to tumble down on people, cars and transformers...

The duilding Bumblebee and the Decepticon prime are fighting on starts to fall donw due to the heavy fighting, they both manage to rais up again from the crached building...

Bumblebee find him self in a problematic situation when one of the frenzied Deceptican Tertium attack him...

The frenzied Deceptican Tertium put up a hard fight and Bumblebeee notise that the frenzied Deceptican Prime will join the fight...

...with some swift blows Bumblebee slay the Deceptican Tertium in time to engage the Deceptican Prime...

BOOOM... both Bumblebee and Deceptican prime was thrown to the ground... none of them continue to move...

With the Deceptican Prime out of the game the Autobots had the uperhand... 

But the  Deceptican Secundus started toteardown building in a atempt to get the Autobot Primes  damaged...

...but they quickley was up on their feet agaon starting to fight the Decepticans...

The two Autobot primes smached all recistance from the Decepticans... almost...

Optimus Prime took a bad hit before Green prime could defeat the enemy...

...finnishing the Deceptican with his last blow...

...Green Prime rais his hand in Victory...

...but an costly one...

We had a greate game even if my Decpticans lost. It´s nice to get some easy gaming with the sons toys using the Dragon Rampant rules :)


  1. Brilliant! Always good to read about wargames adapted for play with young kids...inspiring the next generation!

  2. Superb and great to see the devastation wrought on the 'town' :)

  3. Now that is an impressive terrain map ........😀

  4. Your game looks like lots of fun! Excellent!

  5. Bloody brilliant! Awesome idea and execution.

  6. Looks like fun. The wooden blocks are excellent and potential-filled too.

  7. I should think you have made your son a very happy boy.

  8. Fantastic. Way to be a dad and a gamer.