Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Finnish War 1808 in WSS Issue-86

As you might already know I have in Wargaming, Soldiers and Strategy Issue-86 two the articles "The Finnish War of 1808 - The boy versus the bear" and also "History and rules for Sharp Practice - The Swedish Army, 1805-09". The first one are background and Scenarios revolving around a Young Swedish Artillery officer that died a heroic death. The second one are a background and armylist for Too Fat Lardies Sharp Practise rules that have worked wery well in our games.

I thought I should post a bunch of pictures, that wasn´t used in the Articles, from our playtest of the different Scenarios. Wont give you a propper AAR but hope to inspire to some Finnish War gaming and an crave for reading my articles, if you haven´t already.

Game 1 of 3

Game 2 of 3

Game 3 of 3

Bunch of extra pictures of the Swedes


  1. What an amazing post, I don't know where you find the time Michael

  2. Spectacular! The attention to detail is impressive, terrain and figures beautiful...as always!

  3. Congratulations Michael, beautiful stuff!

  4. Wow that is a lot of great photos ...great looking games😀

  5. That's quite a number of excellent pictures to marvel at!

  6. Great work.
    Amazing collection of images and nice report
    Also this topic :)

  7. Beautiful pictures! Some really great games!

  8. Well done on the articles and wonderful photos Michael!

  9. Great article and great additional content. A very familir sounding scenario too... Way to go Micke! I need to build some of those nice Nordic style fences. Any instructions?