Sunday, November 27, 2016

Flipthrough of The Pikemans Lament

Wargames Illustrated have done a "Flipthrough of The Pikemans Lament" video, you can see it below. Just 2 month left to release. North Star have also started to take Pre-orders.


  1. Nice overview. Now if we only had the book in hand... Patience, if I only had patience.

  2. It's definately on my to-get-list. Which war should I do tough?

    The Polish war, The 30 years war, Torstensson's war or The Scanian war?

  3. Thanks for the link and the book does look lovely. Not long now...

  4. Very good and I saw some of my miniatures - absolutely thrilled.

  5. You've been a great champion of these rules ... I'm looking forward to reading through them as I consider ECW/TYW stuff in the future :-)

  6. Fantastic stuff. I've pre ordered my copy from book depository.

    I was wondering is there any chance you could give me an idea of what the makeup of the standard ECW retinue is? It would help me get weaving on some figures immediately.

    1. Thank you very much !

      The 24 point sample Company in the rules consiste of:

      1 Unit of Pike (12 minis)
      2 Units of Shot (12 minis each)
      2 Units of trotters or galoppers (6 mounted minis each)
      1 unit of Dragoons (a mix of 6 Mounted and Foot minis as you prefer, have no impact on game play.

      Best regards Michael