Sunday, December 4, 2016

Star Wars LEGO Slave 1

My son David love to build LEGO and so do I;)

Some time ago he got the carbon freezing chamber box, with Boba Fett and Han Solo in Carbon. Didn´t take long untill he asked for a Slave 1 modell to... but the box cost about £220 a bit over my budget at the moment...
So I decided to build him one from some pictures in one of his LEGO Star Wars books and using two small LEGO BrickMaster models he already got.

The final result...I hope you like the end result, at least David did:)


  1. Waude !!!
    :) Now you're in the same series, such as my grandchildren (boys)
    Well, ...perhaps a little ahead of them

  2. £220.00!!!!!!!!!Fecking heck, good work though!

  3. Nice job, the joy of Lego, well, not the £220.00 bit but the building it out of other components!
    Best Iain