Thursday, March 9, 2017


I have just got the two resin Longboats I ordered from Games of War that costed me £10 each.

I like them very much, they are quite big, measures 20.4cm (8") in length and is 6.8cm (2.67") wide, so I will be able to fit in a bunch of minis from the Dutch Landing party for our Salute game Fort Mosquito in to them as well as rowers.

Below some pictures, I added a mini with a round 25mm base so you get a feel for the size of the longboats.


  1. They look like a great buy Michael.

  2. Thanks for sharing Michael I need to get a couple of rowing boats and now know where to find them 🙂

  3. Games of War are a great company- reminds me I need to finish the last bits i bought from them . . .

  4. Very nice models, really useful for a lot of games!

  5. Excellent additions with many uses.