Saturday, March 11, 2017

Updated Exotic Army List for The Pikeman´s Lament

Some weeks ago I noticed a comment about a fellow gamer that would use his Indian Mughal minis for the Pikeman´s Lament, as I didn´t know much about them I just had to read up a bit, while I was on it I put together a bunch of army lists for some of the conflicts in India during the 17th century. I by no means claim to be an expert in the area so please use them as inspiration and change them if you feel I missed something or used the wrong names for the troops. Anyway I hope you will have a good time in India with your War elephant...

I updated our Exotic Army list file with the Indian Lists, you can download them here: Exotic Army Lists for The Pikeman´s Lament 2.0

WARS IN INDIA 1600-1700
3 Shot @ 4 points each (Sepoy Infantry)
1 Gallopers @ 4 points (Sowar cavalry)
1 Dragoons @ 4 points (Ahadis cavalry)
1 Regimental gun @ 4 points (Rocket artillery)

INDIAN AHOM KINGDOM (Ahom-Mughal Conflicts 1615-1682)
2 Raw Shot @ 3 points each (Sepoy Infantry with bows)
2 Raw Trotters @ 3 points each (Sowar cavalry)
2 Elite Trotter @ 6 points each (War Elephant)

INDIAN MARATHA EMPIRE (Mughal–Maratha Wars 1681-1707)
3 Raw Aggressive Gallopers @ 3 Points each (Light Sowar cavalry)
2 Raw Trotters @ 3 points each (Sowar cavalry)
1 Field gun @ 6 points (Rocket artillery)

PERSIAN SAFAVID EMPIRE (Safavid-Mughal Wars, 1622-1653)
3 Trotters @ 4 points each (Ghulām Cavalry)
2 Veteran Shot @ 6 points each (Tufangchiyān Musketeers)

EUROPEAN COLONIAL POWERS (English, Dutch and Portuguese Trad Companies, for example the English East India Company during Child´s War 1686-1690)
1 Veteran Forlorn Hope @ 8 points (European Soldiers)
1 Aggressive Forlorn Hope @ 6 points (European Sailors with a bad temper)
1 Regimental Gun @ 4 points (European sailors with small naval gun)
2 Raw Shot @ 3 points each (Hired Indian Sepoy Infantry)

1 Forlorn Hope @ 6 points (Tibetan Monks with bows)
1 Forlorn Hope @ 6 points (Tibetan Marksmen with matchlock musket with bipod)
2 Raw Trotters @ 3 points (Tibetan bow and musket armed cavalry)
1 Veteran Dragoons @ 6 points (Step Warriors from the Mongol Zungar Empire)

NAMGYL DYNASTY OF LADAKH (Tibet–Ladakh–Mughal War 1679-1684)
2 Forlorn Hope @ 6 points each (Mountain warriors from Punjab)
2 Commanded Shot @ 2 points each (Ladakh Tribal bowmen)
2 Shot @ 4 points each (Sepoy Infantry from the Mughal Allies)


  1. Great additions to the list Michael.

  2. Great stuff!
    Creative use of the list for including War Elephant. The idea of multiple "Wound" creatures or Strenght points from Dragon Rampant certainly opens a lot of possibilities. Also, to paint one war elephant with riders - or maybe two to make it easy to track half strength - instead of the normal six man trotter unit - seems a lot of fun. :-)

  3. Exelent list and great work on The Pikeman´s Lament!

  4. Again, a little off topic but would you mind listing your modifications for your Napoleonic games?

    1. The only thing we did was to exclurde the Pikes and let all Shot units have the Close Order special rules that the Pikes normaly have.

    2. Thanks Michael! Now, off to the Peninsula.

  5. Excellent new lists, will be nice to see some elephants on the table.