Friday, September 8, 2017

Pike and shot command group sculped by my matey Thomas

I want to congratulate my matey Tomas that have had his first miniatures releasen for the Warlord games Pike and Shot range.

I rely like the look of the minis and i looking forward to see more of Tomas sculpes  released in the future.

They are perfect for The Pikemans Lament:) and i would reccon they have to be consider as "Official TPL minis ;) " you can order them here.


  1. Very nicely posed, I like the drummer with his drum slung in particular.

  2. Beautifully sculpted, so well done to your friend:)

  3. Very nice!

    Are they supposed to be any particular nationality or "period," or generic figures usable across the TYW and ECW periods?