Monday, September 25, 2017

The Pikemans Lament at the Swedish Armymuseum

This sunday I was invited to the Swedish Armymuseum and their Wargaming exebition to run some demogames of the Pikemans Lament. I got great help from my club mateys Andy and Ulf to run the 3 games we managed to play during the day.

The setting for the games was the Scanian War 1675-1679 fought between Sweden and Denmark, primary in the region Scanian in south of Sweden.

I had made a 3 side scenario with 5 companies in total; 2 companies of Danes and Scanian Rebells (Snapphanar) that was on a mission to raid a farm for supplies, there was 2 companies of Swedes that had as a mission to burn the farm and a 3rd side with a "companie" of Scanian Allmoge that wanted to defend their homes agains both the Swedes and the Danes. We had some really caotic, fun and entertaining games indeed.

The terrain used are a part of the exebition, and the houses are perry medieval ones that yours truly built and painted for the exebition.

Below a bunch of pictures from the day. Thanks to all that came and had a look and participated in the games.


  1. Fantastic! What an honour to be invited.
    I sure it was popular - who wouldn't love playing on a such a table?

  2. Lovely looking table and figures as always. Great stuff and glad you were able to demo at the museum.
    Cheers, Peter

  3. Beautiful terrain and figures. It sounds like you had a great time.

  4. Fantastic looking games Michael sounds like a great day😀

  5. Really nice. Do anyone know of a good source for Danish uniforms & flags of the scanian war?

    1. Thanks !

      This .pdf are a very good source:

  6. Fantastic
    There is also a wonderful picture series
    and really interesting this topic,
    Danish and Swedish war

  7. Thank you all !

    The terrain we used are a part of the exebition. I built the houses and Oskar and Olle that work at the museum have built the gaming borad, it is really stunning and very fun to game on.

  8. I was sick and could not attend. Major bummer as this game looks great.