Friday, September 22, 2017


Trolls, trolls, trolls.... no fantasy gaming without trolls.

The big trolls are from the Blood rage  game and the small trolls are converted gobbos from the Warhammer Battle of skull pass box that I got from my matey Matz and Fredrik, and I got enought to make me some more units of them to:)

The big ones have got some added dwarf heads, the big Shaman also got a nose jobb. The small trolls got their nose and hook a bit biger and I re-modeled the hoods to be more tailed, I also remmoved all the moon shields and gave them new ones from the Perry plastic sudan box.


  1. I love the realistic skin tones and lack of `cartoon' elements from the finished design.

  2. Nice work all around.
    I love what you did with the small trolls. The new noses makes them look all the different.

  3. Love these! They look like a mix of something from The Dark Crystal and the classic Norwegian troll. Brilliant. My only regret is that these aren't commercial costs that I can buy for myself :-)

  4. Great figures especially those showing evidence of rhinoplasty.

  5. Very nice - They do look a nasty bunch.

  6. Great work,
    These Troll (Peikko) face are just same like that, like they were in my childhood in all fairy tale books

  7. Great job as usuall and even more inspiration taken. I think the non-Games Worshop colour-scheme is another part of making the little trolls unique.