Sunday, April 1, 2018

Star Wars Legion

Yes i´m on that bandwagon to :) Got me a starter box of the Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Legion and have painted the 33 minis during the last week. It is really nice minis, large 34mm, made of some softer kind of plastic.

Today I and my son david had our first test game to learn the rules, David was in command of Luke Skywalker and I had 2 groups of 4 Stormtroopers and one group of 2 Speeder Bikes, about 200 point each. a regular game are said to be 800 point and the minis in the starter box will prowide about 400 point, at least for the Empire if they field Darth Vader.

Luke was destine to hold out for 6 game turns in the desert outpost and the Empire was ordered to take down the rebell. The basic of the rules are quite easy, remember a bit of x-wings, at least I used these rules as a reference for David to learn, and a fast learner he is... after 3 turns he had slaughtered one of the Storm trober groups with his Light saber, cut down the Speeders, as well as he played a "Jedai Mind Trick" on my second Stormtrooper unit that was paniced and very close to the table edge so they legged it...

Was a fun and entertaining game, very nice that a lone character could defeate several units of goons, I have learned to hold the distance to the Light Sabers... we will defenatly play more.


  1. Thanks a lot for these game review!

  2. How well did they paint up? I've seen some of the softer plastic stuff, mainly the D&D miniatures, and been pretty leery of them.

    1. Painted up well, i didn’t even wash them before i primed them. I have some of the d and d plastic unpainted ones to, like the to, got a troll and giant spider.

  3. Very interesting to read, but I an still undecided - if only that had made them the same scale as Imperial Assault?

  4. Oh no grandson has seen this and is drooling. Well I'll just have to force myself to buy it for him, really such a chore, I wouldn't buy it for myself honest, the sacrifices one makes.

  5. Great painting Michael! Also great to see you having so much fun gaming with your son.