Thursday, April 19, 2018

Salute 2018 - Battle at Stäket 1719

Russian grenadiers charge the Swedish defences...

So was yet one more Salute to its end... we had a greate day running our "Battle at Stäket 1719" game we was even Awared the runners-up prize for the "The Bill Brewer Best Presented Game"

Thanks to all that come by during the day making this day greate !

Here a bunch of pictures from the game.


Board and minis in place...09:30... we have never been ready so early...

Osprey helped us out with a roll-up for the game and to promote The Pikemans Lament rules..

Had some books about GNW and he Swedish army as well as museum info from the battlefield museum Hamn out side Stockholm.

Russian side of the board

Russian galleys landed troops on both sides of the small straight.

Russian cossaks bringing back the loot...

Russian cossaks plunder and loot the Boo mansion...

Dont know if Nicodemus Tessin stayed to defend his manson...but he did in our game :)

Jan had built in some öight in the burning house, looked really good.

Russian aid station... they needed it...

Russians try to reach the blooking from the North side bit are hit with artillery fire from the Swedish galleys...

The Swedish main defences on the South side...

Fortifikation Officer Baltazar von Dalheim and friends look how his defence plan work

The two batalions from the Swedish Södermanland Regiment advance to repell the russians. All minis from Ebor miniatures.

From the Swedish side

Swedish camp

The Swedes try to save supplies from the russians...

The two batalions advance through a open forest up on a hill...

...looking out on the medovfield there 10 companies of Russian troops had deployed in line of battle...

The two companies and the guns in the Swedish fortification try to reach the Russians with their fire...

3 more russian companies advance to support the attack.

The Russian had indeed some ground to cover before they could assault the fortifivcation...

Steve and Jesper playing

Slowly advancing Swedes...

Game in progress, not sure who was filming

On the north side the Russian advancing took a real beating and had to retreat back to their ships.

Each unit of 12 minis represented 1 Company that took part in the historical battle.

We also had command/officer units with 6 minis each. (Swedish regiments had 8 colours 1 white "Kings colour" and 7 "Company colours", 4 colours in each batalion, first batalion had the Kings colour.

The Swedish troops moved throught the light forest to the edge of the hill...

...the Russians moved across the field in a some what un organiced...

Heavy fire from the Swedes...

Both the Swedes and the Russians fire some volleys at close range...

As the Russian Line infantry exchange volleys with the Swedes the Russian grenadiers assault the Swedish fortification...

The Swedes tries to hold the line...

a desperate struggle by the fortification...that ends in the retreat of the Russian grenadiers...

With the grenadiers beaten back and the night falling the Russians decide to retreat back to their ships, please with all loot they managed to gather during the summer plundering along the Swedish east coast... they would be back for two more summers before the GNW ends in 1721.

Diploma for the runners-up prize for the "The Bill Brewer Best Presented Game"


  1. Fantastic looking game. Congrats on the well deserved award.

  2. A very impressive display beautifully created and too good to play on.

  3. It was a super display. Also great to meet you in person and share some wisdom.

  4. It was such a wonderful sight Michael.

  5. Fantastic pictures of a wonderful looking game!

  6. Nice looking game. Could you add some picture captions that explain what is going in the game?

  7. It was a spectacular looking game Michael. Well done to all involved!

  8. A gorgeous looking game Michael, I wish I could have seen it in the flesh. Thank you for letting all of us who couldn't make it to Salute have a look.

  9. It looks amazing. Sadly I was not at Salute this year but thanks for the pictures.

    Wonder if you will do something next year again? :)

  10. Splendid stuff as always Michael :-)




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