Wednesday, April 25, 2018

WSS Issue 96 - The raid on St. Albans

"To go along with the theme of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy 96, which looks at raiding actions during the American Civil War, we picked a rather interesting little scenario for your amusement. What happens when a group of Confederate rascals force their way into a sleepy Vermont town, intent on stealing all the money they can for the Southern cause? And did we mention that the Canadians also end up getting involved?"

The theme for this issue are Raiding actions during the American Civil War. You can for free download my contribution the the Theme "The raid on St. Albans" on the WSS Online, I hope you like it.

The latest issue 96 of Wargames Soldiers and Strategy are in the post to all subscribers, some fortunate could pick up their copy at Salute. If you are not a subscriber and want a copy you can order it here.

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