Saturday, July 30, 2011


I got me some medieval cows that are making some noise;) and of course a heard of sheeps witha a vigilant shepherd...

I painted them for my Kalmar Union War Project but as they are quite generic I will use them for my AWI project to:)

The Cows are from Redoupt

The Sheeps are from Gripping Beast and the Shepherd are a Perry pilgrim...


  1. Nice animals. They do lend a nice touch to a game layout.

  2. Thanks Rodger !

    My favorite are the Max Langton Sheeps...

    I want to have lots of extras on the gaming table, it get more alive then.

    Best regards Dalauppror

  3. VERY nice figs, I love the paint jobs you've done too. I really need to get my Saxons some livestock - for the Vikings to steal!

  4. Thanks !!

    Yes you got to have some sheeps and pigs for the vikings to steal, not just land as in your last game;)

    Manx are a favourite, they look so dangerous with all the horns...might get the vikings some trouble to steal..

    Best regards Dalauppror