Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Medieval Civilians

Not to many yet, but my aim are to have enought to populate a whole willage:)

Cows, Sheeps and a shepherd are in progress...

And some minis that I painted for the Impetus diorama bases, they have now ended up as casullty bases...more to come here to...


  1. They look great. What make are they?

  2. Thakns !

    I´m not sure about the make of all minis... but I have a guess... the casullty are perry HYW and Crusader range.

    The wolf hounds are Crusader or Gripping Beast, I have bought a pack of each and mixed.

    The Monk and the Axmen are probably Foundry and regarding the "trades" I doesn´t have a clue about he´s origin...

    Best regards Dalauppror