Monday, July 4, 2011

Retire to Chartagena 215BC

Last week we played our 3rd Hail Caesar game down at the club, this time I had writen a small scenario about a engagement that I called Retire to Chartagena 215BC.

We used Björns stuning minis and played on a 120x180cm table with all distances cut to 2/3.

It was a close call but the Chartaginians got out on top and got a marginal victory, we will take a rematch tomorrow...

Order of Battle Rome

Publicus Division: C-in-C, Publius Cornelius Scipio
2 Units of Legionaries
1 Small Units of Velites
1 Small Unit of Tarantines

Maximus Division: General, Maximus Que Vadis
2 Units of Legionaries
1 Small Units of Velites
1 Small Units of Cretan Archers

Order of Battle Carthage

Hasdrubals Division: C-in-C, Hasdrubal Barca
2 Units of Carthagian - Heavy infantry
1 Small Unit of Carthagian - Skirmish infantry
1 Unit of Carthagian – Light Artillery

Abylix Division: General, Abylix (Iberian allied)
2 Unit of CeltIberians - Medium infantry
1 Unit of Iberians – Light infantry
1 Small Units of Baleric slingers - Skirmish infantry

Here are some pictures from the game.

Turn 1 the Carthaginians to the left have good deffensive possitions on a hill and the Romans to the Right make a swift advance...

The Roman legioners and tarantines advancing against the Chartahginian phalanx...

Intensive fighting on the hill between the Iberian and the Romasn...

The Carthaginian Phalanx was to strong this day... the romans retreated in "god" order...

And here are the my scenario, please feel free to try it out.


  1. Nice report(as always), Thanks for posting :-)

    (Bishop Lord,For some reason it keeps posting me as unknown when I post comments!!??)

  2. Thanks Jason!

    Glad you reding my posts:) If I had more time i wold expand them some more, might be then I get my summer vecation...

    I got the same problem (i.e unknown) then I post using InternetExplorer8, but it work fine then I use Firefox....

    Best Regards Dalauppror

  3. Nice battle report and good looking game board, the miniatures look exellent :)

  4. Good report. And I should say thanks to you I bought my Hail Caesar yesterday...

  5. Great report, really like the maps.

    I had problems with posting comments too, but im now using google chrome, and everything is back to normal.


  6. Thanks !

    I realy hope that you like HC as much as I do, the game might not be for the one that prefere competetive gaming as thay arn´t a tournament game and there arn´t any real army lists...

    Might try google chrome...

    Best regards Dalauppror