Friday, July 15, 2011

Round Pole fence #2

Then I painted my house I also painted the first 10 parts of my Swedish Gärsgård or in English Round Pole Fence.

Each part are 12cm

Some Allmoge troops taking cover beinh the fence

Close-up of the repainted Rebell/Swedish var flag with Saint George...I have removed the cross and painted the 3 Swedish crowns instead, as that symbole was used erlier than the yellow cross. The other banner was designed in the 1440´s by the Swedish King Karl VIII Knutsson from the House of Bonde, this banner would from this time on be the Swedish Royal Coat of Arms, only with a small shield in the middle showing the House of the regent.

This is a picture of the present Swedish Royal Coat of Arms:


  1. Very nice work. Interesting fence. I have never seen this type before.

  2. Thanks Rodger

    This type of fence are still quite common in Sweden, Norway and Finland. I have some around my house up in Darlecarlia:)

    Best regards Dalauppror

  3. Thanks Dalauppror
    We have nothing like that in N.Z. We live and learn.

  4. Hi again

    I can imagine that they might have some in the US northern states there quite many Swedes emigrated to in the 19th centery. Wasn´t to many from Sweden emigrate to NZ;)

    Best regards Dalauppror