Friday, July 22, 2011

House of Bielke

Here are my first mounted tropps for my Kalmar Union Project. This are some Knechts under command of Ture Turesson from the house of Bielke.

Ture Turesson was a Swedish noblemen that was a close allied to the Union King Christian I. After the Battle/Slaughter of Helgeandsholmen in 1463 he was known as the "Allmogens Köttmånger" i.e."Allmoge Butcher"

Coat of Armd for the House of Bielke.

The Knechts was full time soldiers and did the "dirty work" for the Noblemens...

The minis are most Kingmaker but ther are a Crusader mini to and the leader mini are a old GW Dogs of war mercenary mini that got a crossbow instead of he´s lance:)

Armed with Crossbows, Swords and god Armour the Knechts was ready to collect taxes and subdue allmoge rebellions...


  1. Nice unit, your flags are great too.

    Are you going for 3 bases for a Hail Caesar unit? I was thinking of doing the same with my Crusaders and Muslims and Greek and Persians projects.


  2. Thanks Steve !

    My first aim are to try to use 3 bases as a Small Cavalry/Knight unit and 6 bases in 2 ranks for a Average Knight unit, like the German Mercenary Men at Arms that the Danish used.

    For skirmishers like the handgunners I will use 3 bases for a small unit and for my Average Allmoge and Danish mercenary unit I will use 6 bases in 2 ranks....

    In short: 3 bases = small unit and 6 bases = Average unit...

    More about the unit sizes then I have had the chanses to playtest my unit size idéas:)

    Best regards Dalauppror

  3. Ok, i get you.

    If you have a unit of 3 bases, for a small unit, the frontage should be smaller than an average unit, so how do you plan to get round that?

    HC basing is very flexible anyway so im sure it will work just fine, im just trying to get some ideas for my stuff!!


  4. Hi Steve

    The units will have the same frontage, 3x40mm=120mm all average units will be in 2 ranks 3x2 bases.

    as you mentioned are the HC basing very flexible and most variants will work.

    Best regards Dalauppror

  5. Lovely unit. Really like the leader model, very cool.

  6. Inspiring figures in this and the last few posts- keep up the good work!