Friday, January 13, 2012

Blood Reavers

After several month of brainwash I maight have given paint me some 40K minis...

My friend? Ogge started to paint a Tau army last September and haven´t spoken of anything else, every time we talk he rave about 40K and that I realy, realy, realy need a 40K army to...

I have stoicly recisted untill last week then I started to go through my old warhammer bit boxes seeking stuff to use for a Chaos Space Marine army...

I decided to go for Chaos Space Marines as I got lots of bits that I can use to hold down the cost and there will be a quite small army.

Hopefully it will be finished in no time, so I can go back to SAGA and my 15th centery project...

Here are a VIP picture of the first minis I put together...

My army will be Blood Reavers i.e. Red Corsairs under command of the infamous Huron Blackheart.

But I don´t like the Huron Blackheart minis... so my army will be Huron Blackheart have done "good" work for the Chaos Gods and been rewarded and achieve Deamonhood and become a deamon Prince:)

Here are some pictures of the first 3 minis I painted for this interlude project...


  1. They look good, its always nice to have a break from your normal projects and just paint something random.


  2. Withstand, Withstand!

    Although they look quite charming, think of all the 15th cent. figs that will not get painted (sob).

  3. really great looking miniatures they look ready to kick some!!!!

  4. Lovely. The red looks particually good.

  5. Thanks !!!

    Yes it is quite good to get a short? break from the normal projects...but not realy as I paint Anglo-Danes for SAGA at the same time... could be dangerous I might get me some Spacc Danes or Anglo-Chaos Marines;)

    Best regards dalauppror