Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Earl Ethelstone

As I started to work on my Anglo-Danish SAGA warband I tougth it would be ready in a week or two...

But as Jarl Eirik realy needed some ships to get around the British coast and my "friend" Ogge lured me in to paint some 40K minis the Earl Ethelstone and he´s warband have been delayd...

At last have I finished Earl Ethelstone and he´s warband will muster up during the next 2 weeks...I hope...

Earl Ethelstone will be fielded as a Anglo-Danish force to start with but will probably double up as Saxons warband to...but with a new flag...

The minis are frome the lovely Griping Beast Penda Vignette but I gave him a realy ax and a new Housecarl to carry he´s banner...that mini are from the Perrys crusader range...


  1. Wonderful - that shield detail is superb and I love the banner's cloth/embroidered appearance

  2. Very nice and well done on the banner.


  3. Super command stand - excellent work!

  4. Really nice command, it demands attention on the battlefield.

  5. The flag looks so good!

    Good work!!

  6. Thanks !!!!!!

    I´m realy glad you like my commander:)

    Best regards dalauppror

  7. Absolutely brilliant, the flag looks great.

    Im having a check of your blog to see if you have done a tutorial yet. If you havent then you need to!!


  8. Thanks Steve

    The only tutorial I made about my linnen flags are from my TYW project in 2010...
    ...the flags are painted with the same technique for mu TYW-Project, KUW-Project and now SAGA.

    Best regards Dalauppror

  9. An excellent flag and command stand!!! Very well done!