Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Last Anglo-Danish Housecals

Here are the 4 last of Earl Ethelstones Housecarls, Now I will make the last jobb on the Cerols and then the warband are ready for the struggle against the Normans and Viking invaders...

This time the minis I used are: Gripping beast (plastic Viking/Saxon), Foundry (one more old Perry sculpt?) Gripping Beast (from the Penda vignette) and a Gripping beast (plastic Viking/Saxon)

Sorry for the lousy pictyre quality...I will do better next time...


  1. Really nice! Good job on all that chain mail. The Penda vignette guy looks really intimidating.
    Time for a shot of all your Anglo-Danish together?

  2. Thanks !!!!!!! :)

    Group picture will come after the 3 units on Cerols...hopefully during next week;)

    Best regards dalauppror

  3. Great shields! Look forward to the group picture. Cheers, Michael

  4. Nice as always!

    Does this mean that you will resume your non skirmish painting projects?

  5. Thanks !!

    Then I finished the 24 Cerols I will continue with my Kalmar Union War project, got some new inspiration thanks to so prepere your self Matts for some 15th centery gaming during the spring:)

    Best regards Dalauppror