Friday, September 7, 2012

Swedish Crusaders

Here are a first VIP pictures of some Swedish Crusaders.

The minis are a mix...

Back row: 

  • 2 viking archers from Artizan, oen with a heas swap (GB plastic saxon head)

Front row:

  • Knight from Curteys mini with a GB axe. 
  • Medieval spearmen from Curteys mini with a Warhammer head and GB Shield,.
  • The last 3 are plastic GB viking/saxons with shield from Curteys/GB and GB the last one got the head with warhatt from the Curteys medieval spearmen...hope you got i all :)


  1. VIP? Very Important Persons? I know what you mean though ;O)

    I think they're looking good. With the release of all those plastic sets out there head swaps will be no problem and I think you've got the right idea by doing this.


  2. Looking good, the first of many:-)


  3. A very complex project, I think, but it can be very interesting and nice in the end.

  4. Looking good! And a nice mix of manufacturers too. :)