Monday, September 10, 2012

Dux Bellorum AAR Saxon vs. Late Romans

Here comes a AAR of our latest Dux Bellorum game. This time the Saxons invaders try to sack a small village fortunate defended by a Late Roman field army.

We used ordinary 32 points armys, made up from my Late Roman and Saxon collection, mounted om trays with a front of 80mm and we played on a 180x120cm table.


Saxon Warriors
1x Foot Companions with Leader
2x Foot Nobles
5x Foot Warriors
2x Foot Skirmishers one with Sling and one with Javelins

Late Romans
1x Mounted Companions with Leader
1x Cataphracts
1x Ordinary Raiders
4x Ordinary Shieldwall
1x Archers
1x Mounted Skirmishers with javelins
1x Foot Skirmishers with Bow

The Saxon objective was to capture the village by having a uncontested unit in the village wich would force the Romans to roll extra Moral tests. The game would last for a maximum of 12 turns.

In the early montning the Romans deplyed a small force of three units in the village and splited there cavalry on the two flanks. The Saxons placed there skirmishers in the middle and divided the Nobles within the Ordinary Warriors to get them moving more easily. 

No one saw any villagers or livestock...Zzzzzz....Zzzzzzz...

As the combat begun at the fields outside the vilages the newly awakened livestock and villagers emerged from the houses and started to run all around not certain of what to do...

The Roman Commander order all he´s cavalry on the both flanks to start moving, all acording he´s cunning plan... Eager to win a swift victory he sets it all on one card and charges forward with he´s Companions and some Riders, thinking he will easy defeat three units of Saxons...

The Saxon commander order a general advance of all he´s troops.

In the heart of battle the Chronicler forgot to dokument the Battle...Sorry... 

Here we see the center of the acction as the Roman cavalry have dissengaged after the first unsuccessfull charge, trying to make one more, this time causing more damage...

On the Roman right flank the Cataphracts had a hard time fighting it out with two Saxon units...

In the Center the remaining Saxons had reached the Village and the Romans in shieldwall just outside...a fierce battle started...

The saxon puched back the defender of the Village, that lost the advantage of the deffensive wall... The Roman shieldwall just outside the vilage also had a realy hard time...

The Roman Riders and a unit of Saxons on the left flank was defeated, but still the Roman Commander and he´s Companions fought on, seeing in vain how the village they were set to protect was overvhelmed with barbarians...

By midday the Saxons had claimed the village, slaughtering the last of the heroic defenders. It was a hard blow to the Roman moral and the remaining parts of the army chose to retreat of flee as cowards as the saxon put it...

This was a nice game! As we still learning the rules and had 2 players on each side it probably tock a little longer than it should, but we had a realy nice time and some good beer:)


  1. Very nice AAR, photos are, once again, wonderful, and you did a meticulous work...

  2. As always a exellent AAR and and nice miniatures and terrain.



  3. I agree with Phil, very good AAR. After reading your last posts, I have decided to test Dux Bellorum as well, already got the rules book from Amazon a couple of weeks ago.

  4. Excellent! Great report and lovely photos again Michael.

  5. Very nice looking game. I'm really curious to see how the rules play out.


  6. Cool - I'm jealous of your terrain.


  7. A excellent looking game and a fantastic report!

  8. I love the village! Where did you get it? Or is it a scratch built one?

  9. Thanks Mates glad you appreciate the work:)

    The Village belongs to my friend Richard, I think he mentioned that the houses in the village are from

    Dont know about the stone wall.

    Best regards Michael

  10. Well as you can tell from the great AAR it was a fun game for sure, and very close fought in the end!

    Need to learn how to use that cavalry though. I think the key is not to get too stuck in, but instead make use of their ability to disengage and then swoop around to charge again.

  11. Great AAR!!! I am prepping my bases ready to ty it out myself. Jonas, I'm sure you are right about cavalry. It's the same with Hail Caesar rules and this type of cavalry...charge in, pull back, charge in again. Entirely historical too, as this wasn't the era of true shock cavalry. Anyway, I hope to field a variety of Romano-British, Welsh and Land raider armies, all of which will include cavalry, so I will have to try that tactic myself and see how it works.

  12. Excellent AAR and a beautiful looking game. Beer, friends and gaming: can't go wrong with that combination!

  13. What is the website for Rendera? My google-fu fails me. I can only find the image software tool.


      But I ordered from warlord:

      best regards Michael