Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dux Britanniarum AAR Anglo-Saxon vs Vikings

This is the second game in my and Jonas small Dux Britanniarum campaign set during the 9th century.

The antagonists are the Saxon warlord Aethelbald the Cruel a man of just 22 springs that had worked he´s way up much due to he´s tremendes constitution.

He´was always followed by he´s Champion Ealdwulf an old and experienced warrior and of course two of he´s childhod friends Leofric and Hacca. By King Aella the Generous they was assigned to protect the northern coast from the Savage barbarians that attacked Lindisfarne last summer.

The sea riders was lead by Gutorm the Coward, of course no one dared to say it to he´s face as he was King Gudmunds second son. Gutorm didn´t even want to get out for a viking but as he was a man that liked other mens wifes he´s father thought it was best that he left home for a while...

To protect he´s son the old King Gudmund sent some of he´s best men. The old Champion Styrbjörn to make all the fighting, Sigvard and Ragnar was sent to lead the men, now they was out for some easy plunder...or not as they had go their ass kicked when they tryed to loot a church two month ago...

Klick on the pictures to read the saga of Gutorms second raid...

One more very nice game of Dux Britanniarum, my only concern are that it take a little to long to play, this time we played for about 3 houres and we didn´t even play the game to the end... might be that we look a little to much in the rules as we still learning, I hope we will speed it all up so we finish a game within 2 houres.

The campaign will definitely continue:)


  1. Awesome! Great report. It looks so damn good!
    I like the concept of having the text on the pictures themselves as you can read as you flip through the pictures on the screen.

  2. As Always a great AAR :-) what do you use to get the photo and text together?


  3. Very nice report! That's wonderful looking table!


  4. Thanks for the report. Your table looks great. Love those boats!

  5. Excellent photos and a great report too. Nice one Michael.

  6. Really amazing AAR!! I love your gaming tables

  7. What a fantastic AAR. Brilliant scenery, great figures....GORGEOUS boats .... and a great write-up. Sometimes games of Dux Britanniarum take a while when you're getting the hang of it. I certainly found that until I'd played a few times. Fantastic stuff, Michael!

  8. Really excellent stuff Michael. I love the bit about the Saxon warriors and their probable love of all things bovine :O)

    Great stuff and I'm looking forward to part three.


  9. That, sir, is a fine-looking table. You have cool toys ;)

  10. Some really great fun here.
    Very inspiring.
    I love the details you give about the main characters and leaders of this drmatic raid. Favourite quote :
    "Might there have been a cunning plan to hid with the cattle... Or did they only spend the night with them..."
    Pictures are fantastic too.

  11. Thanks Mates! Realy glad you liked the AAR and that you think it work with the text in the pictures.

    Can´t realy tell about the ships, I found 3 resine hulls in a barginbox for about 60SEK/£6, made the dragon head and masts etc using balsa wood and the sails in linnen clooth, the same as I use for my banners.

    Best regards Michael

  12. Fantastic game and AAR. I like a lot your sea; it is wonderful!
    And Dux Brittaniarum is becoming my favourite...

  13. Superb looking pics and a great report!

  14. One of the best looking batreps I've ever seen!

  15. Great AAR, and Stunning miniatures and terrain.
    almost like a move :)

  16. Another close fought raid, with me having just the slightest of edges when we decided to end the game. Hard to say who really would have won in the end though ...

    We have another game tonight, and hopefully we will be able to play this one until its proper conclusion.