Friday, September 21, 2012

WI 300 in da house :)

I´m a lucky man and got my copy of the Wargames Illustrated 25th anniversary issue 300.

300 !!! pages of wargaming godies, it will be a late night;)

As a subscriber I got the "Retro" limited edition, but unfortunally it was some damaged by rought handling by the postman, supouse he was jealous....


  1. My copy of 299 had much the same issue with rough handling.

    I await my copy of 300, but I don't expect to get it until mid-October. Posting across the pond apparently takes forever.

  2. It's a fantastic issue, ruined only by a photo with me in it :-)

  3. Keep an eye out for me in the Y Gododdin article!!! :-)

    1. It's possible that the photogenic Andy might balance out the photo of me :-)

  4. Did it cost more since it has more pages? I get mine from my local hobby store, I don't have a subscription.

    Looking forward to it, I know there have been quite a few issues with the mag in Australia! Apparently it has been quite late coming out etc.

    Would you ever consider submitting an article to the magazine? (you've got great looking minis! Why not!?)