Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Put up the Camp...

As some of you might remember i got some of the Saxons Tents from Rendera at my Birthday back in August. As we at the moment play very much dark age games I thought it was time to get the ready for the gaming table...

As usual with the Rendera tents you get 2 of a closed one and 2 that have the "door" open.

They need some very easy esemble, as the end of the tent ridge are loose and so 2 tent poles for the ones with open "door"

I mounted them on 2mm MDF 110x50mm.

By the way...You don´t get a painted viking archer if you buy the tent, he´s just there for size comparison;)

Work in progress...


  1. They are looking rather good. looking forward to seeing to finished tents.


  2. Looking good and interesting news, i didn´t realise they had made any saxon tants.

  3. Nice... Was not even aware they did these, but they look good!

  4. I have seen the finished tents and they are very nice indeed!

  5. Those Renadra tents look very nice. Look forward seeing them finished. And some great Dux Br. AAR's you put up recently!

  6. Looking good. I am yet to attack my set of Renedra Tents but it's a great product.


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