Monday, December 17, 2012

"two of blogosphere’s greatest Vikings"

"two of blogosphere’s greatest Vikings." A nice quote I think from the Content of the brand new TooFatLardies Christmas Special 2012 that was published yesterday.

I realy wonder which Vikings they refering to? ;)  You can grab a copy at the TFL site and read all about them...

Here's what's inside: 

  • Page 4 Introduction: A Festive welcome from Lard Island 
  • Page 5 Sea Wolves: Chris Stoesen brings Dux Britanniarum to the Age of Vikings with rule ideas and scenarios. 
  • Page 26 The Bulls of Bravo. Ross Bowrage’s scenario for B Company, 1st Battalion, 5th US Marines in Operation Colarado 
  • Page 30 “The Bounce”. A 1940 scenario for Bag the Hun 
  • Page 31 Gunther Mensch’s Panzer Tactics An overview of German armoured tactics for WWII gaming.
  • Page 42 Panzer Angriff. A mini-campaign for IABSM. Can you stop the Soviet steamroller? 
  • Page 50 Invasion Earth. Robert Avery looks at building forces for the biggest Sci-Fi battle of all time. The fight for planet Earth! 
  • Page 57 The Yanks Are Coming. Charles Eckart, looks at US Big Men in Mud & Blood. 
  • Page 61 More Sturm Abteilung Vor! Sidney Roundwood takes a hard looks at Stosstruppen tactics in the Great War How does the legend square with reality? Find out in this incisive report. 
  • Page 71 Stosstrupptaktik! Sidney provides a pre-game scenario enhancer for Mud & the Blood. 
  • Page 75 Olkhavatka! A Kursk scenario for IABSM from the pen of Robert Avery. 
  • Page 82 Breakfast at von Tiffany’s. A Bag the Hun scenario in 1942 Russia. 
  • Page 83 Road to Ruins. Terrain building from the maestro Sidney Roundwood.
  • Page 93 Swedish Dux. We look at the Stockholm Dux scene with two of blogosphere’s greatest Vikings.
  • Page 97 WWII Kriegsspiel. Using the Meckel Map for a WWI Kriegsspiel set in February 1945. 
  • Page 106 The Roundwood Report. Sidney Roundwood asks the questions as we look to the future. 
  • Page 113 Lard Approved. The new Lard Approved project explained. 
  • Page 115 Lovely Weather for Dux. Weather and its affect on your Dux campaign and games. 
  • Page 120 You Dirty Rat. A festive look at the roaring twenties and assembling his gangster forces in Part One of “You Dirty Rat”. 
  • Page 127 TweetFace. A guide to staying in touch with TooFatLardies in the age of social media.
To order a .PDF of the 127 pages for just £6 go to the TooFatLardies site.

I just noticed that there is a typo in the articla about the "two of blogosphere’s greatest Vikings."

The paint work at the Limited Edition Arthur figure is unfortunally NOT my work.

It was painted for me by the Talented Andrés at Einar Olofson Painting.


  1. Congratulations on getting your material published! Wonderful stuff and well deserved!


    1. Thanks Christopher

      At least a small intervju and some pictures:)

      Best regards Michael

  2. Just bought my copy and lloking to read tonight the article in my bed!!!

    1. Hope it was a good read, the Viking rules was interesting I thought.

      Best regards Michael

  3. Congrats - now stop being diverted by those pesty colonials and get back to the Middle Ages ;-)

    1. Thanks Stephen !

      I just publisched the pics of the last ACW regiment and just have the Brigade general left...I have already started to make me some sullpy sledges for my Baltic Crusade, hope to have at least one finished untill christmas, Santa have asked to borrow it... ;)

      Best regards Michael

    2. I guess you coped okay with Santa's Mumin Svenska (but at least he wasn't using his native Finnish) ;-)

    3. Sorry Stephen, BUT Santa are from sweden so he speak Swedish, no problem for me to understand;) I suppouse you might have heard othervise from some one close...

      Best regards Michael

  4. Congrats, Michael! A promotion well deserved indeed.


    1. Thanks Tilman !

      I´s absolutely nice to know that people found the stuff you do interestin and worth putting in a magazine, make one keep going;)

      Best regards Michael