Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year !!!

Happy New Year to you all !!!

I want to thank you all that have visited my blog during the year, I hope you have appreciate to read my blog as much as I have writing it, I´m also very glad for all nice comments on my blogpost. I realy hope that you will return next year;)

I thought I would round up this year in some numbers:
  • Painted only 28mm minis during 2012.
  • 1 Tripp to Salute, was a greate thing and also got a new mate, Stephen, that guided me aroud London and Salute, Thank you very much !
  • 1 Pro-painted mini in my possesion, got it painted for free thanks to Andres at Einar Olofson painting.
  • 1 Interview for a gaming magazine;)
  • 2 New gaming mates drafted to the club, Jonas and Sören, Thanks for all nice gaming this year, I hope for more next year.
  • 3 Viking ships built and painted
  • 5 Wagons/Sledges painted and builded
  • 5 Tents painted
  • 16 Beasts of burden painted
  • 21 ish Cavalry minis painted
  • 25 Tree bases made
  • 30 ish After Action Report posted at my blog :)
  • 40 Yeras of age...
  • 100 ish rebased Arthurian minis
  • 180 Blog posts
  • 273 Followers:) Thank you all !!!
  • 360 ish infantry minis painted
I´m surely forgotten some thing...

Here are some last pictures for 2012 of a couple of minis I painted for a mate, Tony, for he´s later 14th century Danish army.

They are painted in the Coat of Arms of the House of Thott.

The minis are from the Perry Agincourt to Orleans range and the pack AO23 Foot command standing I made some minor conversions on them both...

The left one got a new shield (an old GW Bretonnian shield I think) and I switched he´s sword for a GB axe

The right one gor a  Danish axe (using a GB plastic axe) instead for the warhammer he got and a head swap, I used a welsh? head from West Winds Arthurina range and modelled on the long hair with some green stuff.

One again...



  1. Stunning work on these guys Michael!
    Looks like a very productive year! Roll on 2013, Happy New Year.

  2. Happy New Year Michael!

    I'm in constant awe over your ability to produce huge amounts of splendidly painted miniatures, terrain pieces and whatnot. The miniatures above are a worthy end to the year I think.

    Hopefully we will get many great games during 2013. See you next year! :)

  3. Happy New Year, my friend. Thanks for all your posts, this blog is an endless source of inspitation and will be crititcal for my key 2013 project: Dux Britanniarium

  4. Happy New Year Dalauppror. I look forward to seeing your projects this next year.

  5. Nice miniatures for your mate! What a lucky person ... :-)

    Happy New Year and keep on gaming!

  6. Great accomplishments and very nice figures for your friend. I've enjoyed reading your blog this year and look forward to 2013. Happy New Year.

  7. Happy New Year Michael !

    I hope we'll see more and more minis on next year ;)


  8. Happy new year! I've enjoyed your blog alot!

  9. Lovely pair of minis!
    Happy new year all the best for 2013

  10. Happy New Year to you and your household when it comes!
    best wishes

  11. Superb painting on these two.
    Happy New Year,

  12. "I´m surely forgotten some thing..."

    You sure have, pls add:

    - inspired many, many visitors with wonderful eye candy

    Have a wonderful 2013!

  13. THANKS MATES !!!

    I hope you all had a splendidn new years eve, and are back to your painting stations, at least I´m;)

    Thank you very much for all nice comments, I hope to be able to continue give you some miniature inspiration by my wargaming project during 2013.

    Best regards Michael

  14. Impressive numbers! Great blog, All the best in 2013. Cheers, Michael