Thursday, December 27, 2012

Building a "Fora"

As you know I have built med some medieval sledges or in Swedish "Foror" or in singular "Fora".

This is not realy a tutorial just some pictures showing the different stages during my work with the 2 sledges.

The horses are from the Perry WotR WR 29 Wagon horse team, I used the two back horses and the rider, just gave him some winter clothes. For the other sledge I used the coachman from the Perry RN 34 Single horse peasant/Cossack waggon, just added a bit of grean stuff to his cap.

The sledge was build of 1.5mm plasticcard about 45mm x 25mm, the sides are about 7,5mm high. I used som sprues to build the skids.

At the bottom of this post you can find some short films about driving a Swedish Fora/Sledge.


  1. That is so very clever Dal, I love it!

    Once GW sees you turned their sprues into skis, you might send you a bill. ;-)

  2. most interesting tutorial dal not to mention the evocative film footage... Best wishes Alan

  3. I really need to make some wagons for my battles in England, shame they didn't use sledges back then!

  4. You are a great artist; fantastic models for the table!

  5. Superb conversion work and a great idea.

  6. Yes! More great looking wagons to plunder! ;)

  7. Very effective and usefull, not only the tutorial but the background info.

  8. Looks great! Thank you for all the background stuff and of course the nice how to.

  9. Thank you mates !

    Not much snow in England to use sledges...

    Jonas and I have to talk about the difference of a Wagon and A Sledge...and you are even from Sweden;)

    Best regards Michael