Saturday, December 15, 2012

AAR: Dux Suecia Campaign game #2

Here comes the AAR from my and Jonas latest game in our Dux Suecia campaign (i.e. Migrat of TFL Dux Britanniarum to kalmar Union War i.e. Civil War in 15th century Sweden).

As you all remember thhat back May 1466 the Union forces tried to Raid Penningby but was repulsed due to stiff Allmoge resistance.

The Union/Archbishop forces haven´t had time to replace all losses so the Rebells under command of the Knight Nils Bosson Sture of the House Natt och Dag have the uperhand. In July 1466 the rebells decide to attack a Union supply column destined to the Archbishop and his troops that defending the Swedish capital Stockholm.

This all translate in to the "Raiding a Waggon Train" scenario from the rulebook, we used the scenario more or less as stated in the book.


Swedish rebells forces (Commanded by Jonas)

Influence: 4 (Raised by 1 due to the last victory)

Commander Nils Bosson Sture of the House of Natt och Dag (Owner of Penningby)
3 units of 6 Allmoge each from Roslagen

Leader Sten Gustavsson of the House of Sture
2 units of 6 Hardened Allmoge each from Dalarna and Hälsingland

Leader Ivar Axelsson from the House of Tott (That more or less just have turned side from pro union to rebell)
1 unit of 4 Frälse

forgotten in teh last AAR was the Handgunners/Skirmishers acting as a indipendant group of 4 bases

Union forces (The some what depleted Union force was Commanded by me)

Influence: 3

Commander Erik Nilsson of the House of Oxenstierna (Cousin to the Archbishop)
1 units of 4 Frälse

Leader Erik Karlsson from the House of Vasa (Brother in law to Erik Nilsson)
1 units of 6 Fotknektar

Leader Trotte Karlsson of the House of Eka
1 unit of 4 Skyttar

3 supply wagons to protect.

Behind the city walls was the Union Reinforcements but due to the losses in the last game the only reinforements available was a group of 4 German Mercenary Handgunners...

We diced to get the entery point for the Swedeish Rebells and it become the middle section of the left side.

So to the game I hope the text in the pictures explane it all to you...

Yet a nother greate gaming session, best of all that I...The Union managed to win althought they had a very depleted force. It become a very exiting struggle that wasn´t decided untill the last moment then the Union Knights managed to brake the Darlecarlian Hardened Allmoge and also Wound the Swedish Commander Nils Bosson Sture.

The results of the raid that would effect our campaign was:
  • Union Victory, recived Light losses and would recover them in a month time and will be ready for action in September, they also rais their Influence to 4. 

  • Swedish Loss, recived Moderate Losses and would recover them in two month time and will be ready for action in September...
As September and October are considered Harvest month in Dux Suecia their would be no raiding during that time, so the first opportunety to straik again would be in November and then the Union side would have the uper hand.

We decided that the Swedish Commander Nils Bosson Sture and his Leaders would go to Darlecarlia to get the support of more of their Allmoge so they would be strong enought to Attack an seize the Castle in Västerås and take controll of the county Västmanland.

To stop them the Union side decide to send a force in November 1466 to try to Capture the Rebell leaders and bring them to justice in Stockholm...

So our nex scenario would be the "Raiding a Border Tower" from the Dux Britanniarum rules, there you should capture the enemys leaders for ransom...perfect for our story to:)


  1. Great bloody batrep, excellently produced.

  2. Wonderful looking game.Thanks for posting an enjoyable battle report.
    best wishes

  3. Lovely table and stunning miniatures. I absolutely like your narrative comic style for the AARs

  4. Great looking game and report Michael!

  5. Fabulous pictures, once again! The figures and terrain are wonderful too. Special mention to the pictures with the castle in the foreground, and to the legends (especially the pig's one...).

  6. Really nice pictures, very inspiring!

  7. Well, what can I say except: Ouch!

    At first it looked pretty good for my Swedes, having taken control of the wagon train with minimal losses, but then it all seemed to happened at once – the tough Dalecarlia allmoge got charged by the mounted knechts, took a huge amount of Shock and were forced back, while my hard pressed Frälse finally gave in to the union knights after many rounds of indecisive fighting (I think we fought something like 5 rounds before someone gave way). This led to the union knights being free to charge the now very bloodied allmoge which, in truth, didn't stand a chance and ran for their lives.

    With troops being on the run left and right, the whole army broke and the brave Swedish rebels decided to retreat to live to fight another day.

    So a very fun game once again, and well deserved victory for Michael and the Union side. He managed to exploit the (many) holes in my plan when I got too cocky.

    I didn't manage to make use of my larger numbers, as the numerous Roslagen allmoge got stuck in the fields just outside Stockholm. My plan was to use them as a flanking force but their advance was so slow, that by the time they had cleared the fields the battle was over.

    The game tomorrow night should be very interesting indeed!

  8. Great AAR. Very cool! The picture with the "hard fought struggle over the waggons" is truly epic!

  9. I'm so impressed about the game table, painting, AAR. I look forward to read the article on the game in the incoming TFL Christmas Special

    1. Thanks !

      In the TFL Christmaa Special there are Viking focus on the article, not much about our Dux Suecia project, I think, havent seen it yet...

      Best regards Michael

  10. Thanks Mates for all nice comments.

    It was a realy close fight as Jonas say. Due to the quite big difference in the force size I realy thought it was a lost causea from the start untill I managed to get my Mounted Knecht to make a charge in the side ot the Hardened Allmoge from Hälsingland and Darlecarlia that caused a greate amount of chock and had them running home for harvest:)

    best regards Michael