Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Gifts

Back in Stockholm after "Chrisymas Tour 2012" to Darlecarlia and all the relatives, I thought I would show you some of the gifts that Santa brought...

I and my gaming mate Jonas have discussed to game some Musket era gaming, Jonas had the Muskets & Tomahawks rules and thought they would be fun to test thhem out, I suppouse I wasn´t to hard to convince that this was a good Ideea...

At first I thougt I would re-base my Perry AWI Woodland Indians, but then I had a look around the webb and found the stunning Woodland Indians made by Lance at Galloping MajorWargames,

So some of the Galloping MajorWargames Mohawks found there way to the top of the wishlist with the Muskets & Tomahawks rules... and it seems that Sanata read my wishh list...Its good to have a wife that have a good connection with Santa and explains the wishlist;)

A picture of wahtt Santa brought:

The the Osprey Raid Tomahawk and Musket book was a supprise I wasnt expecting and Socks are always good to hace:)

Close up of the Mohawk War Party box, 5 bags of minis and a Painting Guide:)

Just so you know, you won´t get your GallopingMajor Minis in a Nice gift box as I got... as I made it my self, as the gift was to be delivered at the big family Santa wisit, and it look much nicer to get a box then some loose miniature bags;)

Since I helped Santa to ordered my custom Mohawk War Party it seems that Lance have made it available in he´s webshop for you all to order:)

Here are a picture of the 25  minis that are included:

If you want the box cover i made you have it here:


  1. Those minis look rather good. I see that Musket & Tomahawks are gaining notoriety in several blogs these days, one to keep an eye for 2013

  2. Lucky You! M&T are going to be 2013's Saga I think!

  3. Very nice gifts!!! I have also some of the "Galloping Major" figures, and they are very nice, full of character. I am awaiting your games with this rulebook, and your very interesting comments!

  4. Looks like a nice christmas.

    Go Jul på dig.

  5. Indeed a greate haul:)

    I´m keen to agree that M&T will have alot of focus during 2013. Seems like the rules got plenty of good reviews, the only thing that made me NOT to puchase them at Salute back in april was that they are in black and white...

    The Gallpoping minis are wery nice, quite bigger/chunkier then my Perry ones, more like the ones from Redoupt.

    best regards Michael

  6. Hi Michael,

    Glad to see you've had such a good Christmas, and that you like those Mohawk. The M&T rules are becoming very popular, and the Osprey book is a good one.

    Lance from Galloping Major

    1. Hi Lance, nice to get a comment from you !

      The Mohawks you made are splendis, I hope I can painte them in a good way to...

      Best regards Michael

  7. A great Christmas haul! And I too got socks for Christmas and thankfully, some gaming supplies to go with them.

    M & T makes me want to go back and watch Last of the Mohicans. The last scene still gives me goosebumps!

  8. Now that's some proper Christmas presents: Socks, books and wargames rules and miniatures.

    I too think 2013 will be the year of Muskets&Tomahawks! Or at least I hope so. ;)

  9. Some very nice looking goodies there!!!

  10. Well done Santa!! The Indians look cool!

  11. Now that is what I call a great Christmas present.

  12. Sanata are good around here, at least to everyone that have been nice all year:)

    Best regards Michael

  13. One of my sons got me "Rare Exports" on DVD - gives whole new meaning to "he's making a list and checking it twice".


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