Thursday, April 22, 2010

AAR Lexingto and Concord 19th April 1775

At last have I had the time to write a AAR from our gaming last sunday.

We playd a AWI Scenario inspired of the events that occured around the British retreat/flight from Concord on the 19th of April 1775 and we user my new favorite rules Black Powder.

A small British force of Flank Companys (Grenadiers and Light Infantry) had advanced to Concord to seize and destroy rebel stores. The rebel alarmrider arouse all Minutemen and Militia company in the area and they started to gather to give the Regulars a nosebleed....

The gaming area. The 3 British flank battalions had to advance all the vay from Concord thro Lexington back to Boston without taking to much casualties.

The 3 British Flank Batallions set up in Concord and 5 of Colonel Parkers Lokal Minutemen was set up on the other side of North Bridge. It seemes that the British had set fire to some of the houses...

5 Companys of Colonel Parkers Minutemen. All the amerikan units was clased as "Tiny", and each base represented about a Company.
1 Battalion of Bristish Grenadiers in Concord.
2 Battalions of British Light Ifantry securing North Bridge outside Concord.
More Minutemen and Militia gathering at Merriam´s Corner

The British Commander ordered the grenadiers to March at the doubble to Merriam´s Corner and form a line and open fire at the rebels...a good thougth...but not if you dont have the tome to forme the line...

The Light Infantry did not realy manage to advance with the Grenadier and protect their flanks...Big Mistake...
Lord Percys Relife Force on their way from Boston to rescue the Flank Companys

The Militia waiting at merriam´s Corner tock the chans to blast the marching grenadiers to pieces... The Grenadiers was saved this time by the Crack and Steady rules...

Even more militia arrives, and the British Light Infantry manage to catch up with the Grenadiers that are reciving heavy fire.

Lord percys Relife Force have reached the out skirts of Lexington, there they are ordered to wait for the Flank Companys.

Both the Grenadiers and The Light Infantry charges the Americam Milita that starts to fall back.

The amerikan Militia fall back as a response to the charge of the british Grenadiers.

Battlefield overview

Lord Percys Relife Force disobey their order and continue to march out of Lexington and towards the battle at Merriam´s Corner...they should not have...

...The American spring a Ambush on the lead British regiment....

The British Grenadiers are the first unit to Brake, the proud grenadiers are fleeing all over the place...The Light Infantry continues to advance past Merriam´s Corner against the Relife Force, that themselves are on troubble...

The British Line up with flanking artillery to neutralize the threat.

The Light Infantry continues to shase away Americam militia. The 4th Regiment of Foot to the right reciving heawy fire and Breakes...Not a good day for the British...

2 British Regiments of Foot attacking the Militia that have gathered at Menotomy. After this attack we ended our game. Ruling the American as winners as they managed to Break 2 British Regiments.

It was a realy nice gaming session that took about 3 hours. The rules worked out well although my scenario need some changes...


  1. Bravo!
    Great looking table and units
    Those skirmishing militia look brilliant - very dynamic

  2. Nice pics, and again, great looking figures. Thank you for sharing!